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The YouTube music manager confirmed that the company plans to merge the Google Play Music service with YouTube Network to create a new streaming offering. During a session held at New Music Seminar in New York, Lyor Cohen said the company needed to merge the two services to help educate consumers and attract new subscribers.

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While Google Play Music has long been running in our country as a streaming music service that aims to compete with Spotify, YouTube Red is less well-known in India. This is a paid subscription available in select countries that provide an amplified music and video experience on YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.

To try to increase the number of users on each platform, it seems that YouTube is thinking of merging YouTube Network and Google Play Music to increase its benefits. According to Cohen himself: “The important thing is to combine YouTube Network and Google Play Music for a better offer.”. However, these words should not be confused with the disappearance of both applications, which seems quite improbable.

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At this time, YouTube’s music ecosystem is rather complicated, giving the impression that the company does not know where to turn. On the one hand, we have YouTube Red, which eliminates ads from videos and allows you to save them for offline viewing ( which is also possible with YouTube GO ), while giving you access to Google Play Music for free. Then there is also YouTube Music, which anyone can use, but it improves if you register on YouTube Network. And finally, we have YouTube TV an independent format that is only present in some countries.



The merger between YouTube Network and Google Play Music has already featured several rumors within the industry for months, boosted since Google combined the teams working on the two streaming services earlier this year.

Google has already said that it will notify users of any changes before they occur:  “Music is very important to Google and we are evaluating how to merge our music offerings to offer the best possible product for our users, Music partners, and artists.Nothing will change for users today, although we will notify you in time before any kind of change is made. “

With these statements, we do not know where the shots could go, but it seems that the merger of services will not be a dramatic change. Everything seems aimed at making it easier for users to access content, facilitating a clear, simple and convincing offer to consumers.

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