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These days we had to try the latest offering in the field smartwatch Xiaomi, that Amazfit Bip. A super-cheap smartwatch but also quite rewarding in everyday use. Find out with us in our full review!

AmazFit Beep: the new Xiaomi smartwatch with heart rate monitor

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip is neither too big nor too small. It is made of aluminum and is supplied with a silicone strap which is quite convenient. The product is lightweight and incorporates a design, to say the least, inspired by Apple Watch. That you may like it or not like it, of course. On the right is a multifunction button that allows us to move inside the interface, while in the clock inner part is located the sensor for detecting the heart rate. There the speaker and microphone, but you can still receive calls alerting on the clock, as is the case for SMS and notifications for the app.

xiaomi amazfit beep

Notifications that will be shown on from 1/28 inch screen Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. The smartwatch adopts a truly intelligent technology: there is a color display with a resolution of 320 x 200 which, however, is only switched on with the pressure of the physical key or by means of the wrist rotation. In all other cases, the screen will stay on in reality, but there is no backlight. This on the one hand improves the autonomy other, it could make it difficult to use the smartwatch in low light. You can still choose, as mentioned above, to activate the screen with a simple twist of the wrist, an absolutely customary gesture when you look forward with a clock. The Back lighting of the screen is also adjustable on the settings.

xiaomi amazfit beep

The Xiaomi Amazfit Beep software is based on the OS owner who uses Xiaomi in its wearables. The interface is rather simple and navigating with horizontal and vertical swipe. Not crowns are planned or rolling rings: Everything happens through the touchscreen which is sufficiently precise. There is also the possibility to customize the appearance of the smartwatch via the numerous dials which may be retrieved via the app MiFit, Amazfit Bip required to connect to the smartphone.

xiaomi amazfit beep

Among the functions related to physical activity we recommend the step count, the physical activity monitoring (with different training programs) monitoring of sleep and the classic functions as a common clock, or stopwatch, alarm clock, timer, etc. The counting of the steps and the monitoring of the activity seemed to us in line with the results reported by other devices (even more sectoral) while the sleep monitoring showed, sometimes, some discrepancies compared to other products. Speaking of workouts, although there is a specific training program for water sports, Amazfit Bip can still be immersed as it is IP68 certified.

xiaomi amazfit beep

But I have a problem with the notifications you basically do not come. I saw them get on other drives, but on my … there is nothing to do. Zero. Despite restoration and couplings with different phones. Boh! We hope for an update. To this was added the possibility to customize the appearance of the smartwatchvia the numerous dials which may be retrieved via the app MiFit, Amazfit Bip required to connect to the smartphone.

xiaomi amazfit beep

But … there is a big but. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, at least for now, is available only in Chinese language. One limitation for many (including me) that makes it hard to recommend this product to Indian users, as long as you do not know Chinese or you are willing to ignore the garbage characters that appear on the product screen. It should keep in mind that the Chinese characters appear only within the interface, while the app notifications will be reported in our language course. So yes, there is a limit … but maybe, with a little ‘patience, it can be overcome.

xiaomi amazfit beep

But one of the strengths of this smartwatch is definitely the ‘ autonomy . He reminded me so much my dear Pebble, product now technologically overcome that, though, had a range enviable. Well, Xiaomi Amazfit beep will accompany us not for a week, but there still has to be close. With a mild use it is not impossible to get close to the five days of autonomy. With the increased use however, did fitness tracking and GPS, there is around two days. Results so really excellent for a device that consumes very little!

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip costs only 60 € on GearBest, famous and very reliable shop where we bought several times in the past and now delivers the goods in a few days (in this case, Amazfit Bip we arrived after just three days). If you are looking for a smartwatch easy to understand if the smartwatch may be for you, this is definitely a great place to start.


Compatible with iOS and Android
pleasant and ergonomic design
Excellent autonomy


Missing the GPS
interface in Chinese only

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