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Computex 2017 is an interesting event. You can always find something that at least to some extent surprising. This is the case with a startup  Machina,  which aims to integrate intelligent clothing sets of virtual reality. As a concrete foundation sweatshirts can affect the comfort of perceiving the world in VR?

The company, which is behind the project, is developing it in the framework of a program developed by ourselves OBE (Out of Body Experience), the aim of which is to call a better impression of immersion sessions in virtual reality. Sensors sewn into the sweatshirt, jacket or shirt, they can follow the movements of the user, as well as controllers Oculus . And while stationary platform such as Oculus VR or HTC Vive have more possibilities of mapping and interpretation of human movements, such kits prepared for smartphones, such as the Gear VR , they are not as advanced. It is on the field wants to act Machina.

Additional experience associated with sensors for intelligent clothing rozlokowanymi could help develop virtual reality on mobile platforms. Currently, “VR clothing” is in beta, but even this achievement – it would seem – low ceiling advanced lasted two years. The demo version application that uses body movements to navigate and activity in the VR game, gave the participants a lot of fun fairs.

A shirt or blouse (determined as a call), the OBE is made of polyester and cotton – it is good, considering that the material must “breathe”, if we are to withstand the increased locomotor activity. The only sign that stands out among other shirts, there are four ports for sensors: it can be clipped to the wrists, chest (as in Iron Man!) And on the neck.


This type of sensor could perform different functions, not only related to virtual reality. They can be paired with a smartphone and set to vibrate when you receive the message or the messenger allowed to change songs on Spotify. Is a whole bunch of possibilities – you only need developers who want to tame such equipment applications. The company itself is working on one of them, on the principle that IFTTT could connect to various services without unnecessary combinations.

This is not the first project of intelligent clothing with which we encounter, but happy that someone tried to move beyond the smart button that lights up when our smartphone will show a notification. Always half a step forward towards a future where technology will not only be worn in our pocket, but will be part of the pocket.

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