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A new virus has just been discovered on Google Play. At least 1,000 applications are infected with spyware SonicSpy, a threat that lies behind a very specific type of application.

Google Play will pen and hide failed Android apps

Although apps that are on Google Play are fairly controlled, there is always some threat, no matter how small. According to Lokout researchers, this malware has been present in the application store since February 2017.

Hides behind messaging apps

The last attempt that SonicSpy has had to hide and not be detected is to camouflage itself under applications of messaging that work correctly. In particular, it speaks of three applications called Soniac, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat that are actually infected with this spyware.

The operation of these applications is quite simple. The user, without knowing that it can represent a threat, actually downloads an installer. On entering the messaging app is installed, replacing the icon of the installer with that of this new app in addition to running the virus in the background.

It is known that SonicSpy can access several actions, such as the following:

– Listen through the microphone of our smartphone.

– Ability to send messages without our permission.

– Make calls to our contacts or other phones.

– Make audio recordings.

– Take pictures without us knowing anything.

– You can save call logs, contacts and the different WiFi connection points of our mobile device.

The good news is that these three apps we mentioned have disappeared from Google Play but SonicSpy may be hidden in many other apps, so you have to be especially careful.

It is always advisable to know what permissions we are asking for the apps we are going to install on our mobile phone and to discard any suspicious things, both in terms of permissions and if after installation you detect strange behaviors on your phone.

Trust only apps with good and reliable opinions that have been installed thousands of times. Keep in mind that the SonicSpy spyware can reload soon on other apps available on Google Play.

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