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In the press release the new Hydrogen One smartphone is presented with a display of 5.7 “based on nanotechnology can offer” continuous experience between traditional 2D content and multi-view content holographic dedicated to the 3D world of interactive games ”

The manufacturer of high-end camcorders RED has just announced the start of a new adventure in the smartphone sector , more specifically in the one dedicated to premium devices: the device is called Hydrogen One and among the various features also promises a holographic screen .

In the press release issued by Buzzword Hydrogen One is presented with a display of 5.7 “based on nanotechnology, can offer ” continuous and linear experience between traditional 2D content and multi-view content and 3D holographic dedicated to the world of games interactive. “

Based on the Android operating system, RED lists a number of other functions never seen on a mobile device:

  • H3O proprietary algorithm that converts stereo audio and play it with a multi dimensional system, a little ‘as in 5.1 headphones
  • new high-speed data bus for connecting various expansion modules, we hypothesize as is the case for the ‘ LG G5
  • red channel a platform to create and share files in .h4v format, content holographic 4-view or simply video games, apps and documents: a kind of store owner

The company says that the phone will be available in early 2018 , and currently you can find it for pre-order directly on the RED website : for the aluminum base version comes to an introductory price of 1,195 $ while the variant titanium ( true, not only in color ) you have to shell out $ 1,595 .

RED certainly plays both on the innovation factor, although the statement is still to be clarified for good, in fact, the company specifies that the technical equipment and design from here on delivery are subject to change; also it explains to those interested that ” After this initial release we will not be able to meet all the orders in a short time due to natural production limits”.

To sum up, we are faced with a product that certainly is emphasized very offering some interesting ideas especially for multimedia and advertising; from these first information you get to draw any conclusions tasty, however there are still many details: for the moment what’s certain is that Hydrogen One will be based on Android system , special and very tech contours in line with the design of the cameras, Type C USB connector , an expansion slot microSD and the faithful, but recently mistreated, headphone jack .

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