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Samsung takes seriously the issue of virtual reality. At the same time  seeking to enhance their own products in the eyes of customers looking for new solutions. Now the screen showed, that has found application in the VR goggles. It is up to 3.5 times more pixels on the same surface than is the case currently in use kits.

Displays used in the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive has a value of 460 ppi. On the one hand, not a few, even goggles when we compare to the iPhone 7 (326 ppi), or iPhone 7 Plus (401 ppi). However, both last year’s and this year’s flagship from LG and Samsung stables boast a much higher value of the order of 550-570 ppi. You should also remember that there are devices on the market the likes of  the Sony Xperia Z5 premium , or the Xperia XZ Premium , which are characterized by a display density of 800 ppi.

Against this background, now used goggles fall quite poorly in terms of image resolution. To remember that their screens are much closer to our eyes than smartphones, so the resolution plays an even greater role. That is why innovation, Samsung has developed what is so important.

The manufacturer took matters into his own hands and the Display Week 2017 conference unveiled a new display, just a dedicated virtual reality. The screen Korean boasts a density of up to 858 ppi .Note that the 3.5-inch screen, this translates into a resolution of 2024 × 220 pixels. A new screen will be characterized as a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a brightness of 100 nits, which is to prevent evil being and vertigo after the founding of the goggles for a long time.

 Old Samsung Screen (460 ppi)

Samsung New Screen (858 ppi)

Samsung did not reveal whether the screen will be used in the copyright goggles, or sold to other companies. It must be remembered that the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive use screens just from this manufacturer – one 3.5-inch Full HD “by eye”. The chances that they choose to purchase panels with higher ppi are therefore quite large.


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