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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: battery 3500 mAh. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: the battery is 3300 mAh. Why was it decided to reduce the battery? Let’s see what the company head will say about one of the most important incidents in Samsung Electronics.

An actual image confirms the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Head of Samsung Mobile, To Dong-Jin answered a few questions after the start of the pre-sale of the latest smartphone, model Galaxy Note 8. The question that raged in the minds of many journalists, had finally become: “Why Samsung decided to equip the Note 8 in less battery than it did with the Galaxy Note 7?”. He Said,

The answer was fairly obvious, and, probably, more it was that the representative of the company has once again been treated accidents associated with the felernymi battery in Note 7, than to a complete explanation. Of course, we are talking about security issues, to which much Samsung pays. By the way, it was possible to hear why the decline in battery capacity is not immediately must mean a short operation of the device.

There are some reasons why we can reduce the battery capacity. One of them is the processor utilization produced at 10-nanometer process technology. It increases the energy efficiency of the phone by up to 30%. In addition, users can create their own profiles in the use of the sensor, allowing it to be used more effectively. I can guarantee the safety of the battery. In addition, the phone will support it 95% of its capacity even after two years of use.
Ko Dong-Jin, President of Samsung Mobile

It sounds good, but in numbers, Koh Dong-jin does not disappoint. Galaxy Note 7 could play video over 18 hours, while the Note 8 “will draw” for 16 hours. Time web surfing on LTE, has also been reduced from 14 hours in Note 7 to 13 hours, in Note 8. This is such a big difference? If the majority is debatable. That is impossible to argue

samsung galaxy note 8 batery

In all other respects, Galaxy Note 8 from its predecessor is just better. Of course, that these words gained power, you need to wait for reviews. Koh Dong-Jin, however, he succeeded. It is expected that the new smartphone will be released in the amount of not less than 11 million copies, and this prediction applies only to this year.

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