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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will arrive by the end of August: the word of the CEO DJ Koh. Here’s how it will be-The new top of the South Korean company’s range now appears in the pipeline with a presentation by the end of August, also confirmed by the CEO of Samsung itself. Meanwhile, arrive in net new images confirm the appearance of the new phablet.

It will be a late summer As ever boiling and not just the temperatures that meteorologists expect but especially for the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy Notes 8 , expected by most loyal users to the series but also by all those who in this year-end would get a smartphone the incredible performance with a lot of references to the professional field. That’s directly from the mouth of the CEO of Samsung, Koh DJ, comes confirmation that all were waiting for: the new Galaxy Note 8 will be presented by the end of next August.


During an interview with Taiwan media, the CEO of the South Korean giant, has clearly stated that the new phablet his company will come by the end of anticipating in any way the rumors that they saw in the presentation a few weeks later. In this case, Samsung seems to want to bring forward again the forecasts and the other competitors trying to capture the attention of users still undecided or those disappointed by the misstep of Note 7.

We have seen over the past few weeks as Samsung intends to also bring the new phablet design and the innovations introduced with various Galaxy S8 and S8 +. We speak of that first display called “Infinity” for the absence of the frames and the increase of the useful surface. In this case, we know that the new Notes 8 should exceed the already important dimensions of the Galaxy S8 + carry a super AMOLED panel by 6.3 inches that anyway thanks, all’aspect ratio from 18.5: 9 will be still well usable ergonomically speaking.


To all this, we must then add the highest order technical sector but especially the presence of a dual camera at the rear, the first in a top of the range for the South Korean company. The confirmation of the design and the presence of the dual sensor to the rear in the new Notes 8 also comes from the famous company reseller of films, Dbrand that the new phablet with various customized adhesive films in your portal has added just a render. Clearly, the company does know that he had received no confirmation from Samsung on the appearance of the new top of the range but it is clear that the exposure of a company like Dbrand can somehow lead to a strong certainty the appearance that the device will.


The other technical specifications of the new Samsung Note 8 show to a high-performance processor, we talk about the Snapdragon 835 which seems to confirm the idea of a tiling with 6GB of RAM and a 3,300 mAh battery that will allow good thus not impairing autonomy on the thickness and therefore on the aesthetic aspect of the phablet. To all this is added as said dual rear sensor although in this case, it is not clear what will be its use even though in many now indicate a normal sensor and a sensor target canvases. Mystery also the price at which the company will propose the new phablet because even talking about the overcoming of $ 1,000.

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