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20 Rainmeter themes to customize your desktop in Windows and give it a unique look



Rainmeter Themes

20 Rainmeter themes to customize your desktop in Windows and give it a unique look-Rainmeter is one of the most interesting applications that exist in Windows to add a nice touch of personalization to the desktop. It is both a system monitor and widget manager, but thanks to its large number of features and as it has evolved over the years, those who create skins or themes for this tool have managed to shape interfaces which can completely change the way your system looks.

We recommend these 21 skins for Rainmeter that will make your desktop look something quite special. Along with this, you can download these rainmeter skins from the links given below each.

If you are worried that installing a tool such as Rainmeter will slow down your computer or widgets start to consume a lot of resources, unless you have a very old computer and an outdated version of Rainmeter running on Windows XP or something, I have to say that in general, it is a very light program and hardly causes any impact . However, some skins usually behave differently than others and depending on the features they add, you may be able to see some glitches on your desktop.

Rainmeter Themes

Before installing any skin, first download the latest version of Rainmeter from its official website. When you download a theme, it usually comes in a compressed zip or rar file. Extract the contents of the folder anywhere and run the .rmskin file . This will automatically install the theme and you can access it by right clicking on the Rainmeter icon that appears in the taskbar and then selecting “Skins”.

July Flat’ish 2.0

Rainmeter ThemesIf you like the flat design this theme is for you. It includes multiple widgets that show clock, weather, date and time, CPU status, RAM, Hard Disk, has a notepad, music player, IP address indicator, email, images, shortcuts to various search engines, etc. All with various colors available.

Paper :: Notes

Rainmeter ThemesA minimalist set of notes for Rainmeter. It has five colored themes, expand as you type and you can anchor them to the desktop so that they can be seen even above the other windows.

Void 2.0

Rainmeter Themes

This theme is a complete pack that includes a music player, to multiple shortcuts that can be configured by the user, several system monitors, clock, calendar, finder, power controls, etc.

PulseWeb Audio Visualizer

Rainmeter Themes

If you like the music player equalizers,with this skin you will get a very brilliant visualization of what you hear, directly on your desktop and in a very relaxing way. It looks great with a minimalist background and only this theme loaded.

.: Russian Jantan – Suite:.

Rainmeter Themes

Definitely one of my favorites. Extremely minimalist and elegant. It includes the beautiful watch you see in the center, the sidebar with many shortcuts that you can customize and to which you can add your name. It has music player and picture viewer.


Rainmeter Themes

A skin compatible with the music player of Spotify that allows you to control it and that has three different models and all look great. Before doing this you must install the Spotify plugin for Rainmeter


Rainmeter Themes

Another complete package with several skins with flat and very modern design. Includes all traditional system monitors like clock, weather, calendar, CPU, RAM, etc. Music player, notes, feeds, and shortcuts.

The Portal 2 Desktop Theme for Rainmeter

Rainmeter Themes

Yes, gentlemen, a theme in the style of the great videogame Portal. With this Rainmeter skin you can make your desktop look like it is in the Aperture Labs. It’s just great.

No Man’s Desktop

Rainmeter Themes

The Skin that makes the cover of this article. I was delighted when I first saw this. It imitates in a great way the elements of the video game interface No Man’s Sky, which if many critics received, none was because of how beautiful everything was in it.

Fallout Terminal 1.1.2

Rainmeter Themes

We continue with the topic of video games. If you like the retro look of the Fallout terminals, you will fall in love with this skin. It mimics the gradient, sounds and scanlines that were seen on old CRT monitors. Do not forget to download the wallpaper to combine.


Rainmeter Themes

A simple theme for the Spotify music player that offers a full size equalizer that spans the entire screen. You can change the colors of the bars, their height and width and adjust it exactly to your screen resolution.

Yosemite Menu Bar

Rainmeter Themes

Yes, it’s just the way it reads. This Rainmeter theme lets you add a control bar almost like OS X Yosemite to your desktop. From it you have access to basically everything that appears in the Windows start menu and more. Next to the bar are other widgets and even a lock screen.

my + hana_redux

Rainmeter Themes

A small set of several minimalist and very nice widgets. Includes information on music playback and controls, calendar with clock, and various weather options.


Rainmeter Themes

It’s a fairly simple setup that includes five things in one. Day and month with the clock, weather and prediction of the next four days, tracker for utorrent, Winamp controls, notes and to-do list.


Rainmeter Themes

Almost as if Mr. Wonderful had done it. This skin is a very nice and positive thing to add to your desktop if you feel like my little pony. It includes time and date, temperature, a music player and several shortcuts.


Rainmeter Themes

You should keep in mind that the wallpaper used in the preview is perfect to show what you want to do with this skin. It only includes the clock and the date next to the music player, but it looks great.

boss suite

Rainmeter Themes

This is a very minimalist suit that includes clock and alarm, shortcuts, list of programs, search engine, image viewer, and even a widget to safely eject USB.

Paper :: Player

Rainmeter Themes

This is perfect to combine with Paper :: notes, one of the recommended at the beginning of this list. It is a music playback controller that has dark and clear themes and with two different styles and three sizes. By default it does not work with Spotify, but if you feel adventurous you can modify it and install the plugin to do it.


Rainmeter Themes

A set of minimalist widgets and in the style of the popular customization suite Gaia, one that tends to pay homage to nature.

Skyrim Rainmeter Suite

Rainmeter Themes

To the end I leave this complete set to personalize your desktop as it is the interface of Skyrim. If you’re a fan of one of the coolest video games of this generation, you’re sure to love absolutely everything about it.

Which Is Your favourite Rainmeter Theme or you have more Rainmeter Themes on your list, Tell us in comments below.


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