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Some users have reported some problems on the OnePlus 5 display, which features some artifacts during scrolling and animations

For several days, users OnePlus 5 complain about some problems on the display of their units that the company has just minimized. The effect that manifests itself with some of the smartphone unit is defined “jelly” and occurs during the scrolling of pages (mainly horizontal). There’s an entire thread on Reddit about it, and it also speaks of a thread on the official post, but the problem was only noticed by some users with the trained eye.

History repeats itself: first screen failures of OnePlus 5

Essentially scrolling seems to be rendered with different times in different parts of the screen, creating a lack of synchronization in the animation. A sort of “tearing” effect, but fluid and progressive, without “jaggies” in the image. This is why many users have begun to assume that the problem stemmed from the difference in the display refresh rate and frame rate of the animation itself, which apparently leads to a lack of synchronization.

For now everything is normal:

“OnePlus 5 uses the same level of quality in the components of all OnePlus products, including the AMOLED display. We have received reports of a small number of users claiming to occur sometimes an annoying visual effect when scrolling. It is natural and there are no differences between the display installed on different units. “

In short, all natural and no problem for the company , which in the past has performed very well in dealing with the insurgents ambiguous problems on other terminals. With OnePlus 3 and 3T we have been minimized latency issues, but then present under the table after five months an update aimed at correcting them, and it is likely that if there is a software can also piece on this new model will be released in the future without too many fanfare.

We are already feeling a OnePlus 5 a few days and found the problem, and also other international publications have reported the defect. It’s nothing serious concern but there is, and it certainly is annoying in some circumstances those with a trained eye and those who demand perfection. We will see how it will behave OnePlus in this case, and especially what is really widespread phenomenon and whether it is really only present on a limited number of units.

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