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Co-founder of Android name has become louder since yesterday due to smartphone presented his idea. According to the man who for the software industry to mobile cut his teeth, perfect smartphone looks and acts like Essential Phone . Interestingly, this is not the only device that shows yesterday. There is Essential Home – intelligent speaker which is an interactive element of the design of smart home. What makes this equipment?

Essential Home is an intelligent assistant home, working on a system Ambient OS. It is intended to reach the interaction between humans and intelligent speaker on a different level than it has in the case of the Google Home and Amazon Echo . That’s what got round display that expands the possibilities of its use by touch. It promises that speak to us copyright voice assistant, developed by Essential, as well as (if one wishes), Google or Alexa Assistant and from Amazon.

The idea, Essential Home is not to rely on the calculations in the cloud in so much as it is a recognized competition outfits. One of the basic assumptions created by a team of assistant Andy Rubin, is the use of artificial intelligence more locally, while a stronger link between its our home network devices and the Internet of Things.

The Essential Home top priority is to be a privacy and data security. Most have to be stored locally, and those that will be sent to the cloud will be used to communicate with intelligent devices in the home. This equipment is therefore – at least in theory – a more “private” than Google and Amazon Echo Home.

Home Essential basic functions will be:

  • orientation in space of our house (where things are)
  • detecting whether there are people
  • cooperation with all related services with our smart home
  • cooperation with smartphones household

The key to such a broad compatibility is to be the assistant management system: Ambient OS. According to Essential engineers, this interface will enable the creation of applications that extend the range and capabilities of individual devices smart home. The basis for this system is to be that he will not try to take over control of the house and undertook attempts to automate everything. Rather, it has to pass the whole people, while learning from them and then only suggest some action, leaving the decision to man.

Ambient system OS is open source, as at the beginning of Android, when he worked on it Andy Rubin. Is the spec of the software aims to repeat its success, this time in the field of smart home? Perhaps. This time, however, may be more difficult because smart homes, voice and Internet assistants stuff is quite a different kettle of fish, and the most important technology enablers players already occupied important positions on the map the smart home.

Of course, we wish Andy every success – it would be great to be able to observe how the industry veteran nose rubbed the largest companies in the world. For this, however, still a long way to go. Essential Home must first prove that he is more than responding to basic questions intelligent speaker, who turns us on and off the light in the living room. Only if we can manage?

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