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Meizu Pro 7: Second display

The Meizu Pro 7 is expected to be more unusual: new photos confirm the long-running assumptions, after which the device is given a second display on the back.The Only Question is, why the small screen on the back of Meizu Pro 7 should be good?

Just a few weeks ago, the first renderings of the supposed Meizu Pro 7 appeared, which looked quite good. Why? Because clearly a second display was recognizable, installed under the camera on the left side of the housing. So far, however, it was not really clear whether this is the final version of the device – until now. New photos confirm the renderings and show a device in the classic style of Meizu, only with a second display on the back.

 In the photo is a front camera to recognize, so Meizu does not do so. In addition, a fingerprint scanner is to be installed in the Homebutton. There are no more detailed reports on the dimensions of the Pro 7 or the technical equipment.

On the back is definitely under the camera a display installed. Clearly, this is not a rudimentary expansion, but rather the full Android should be transferred from the front to the back, possibly at the same time. Existing application scenarios? There is hardly, we would only the use of the (mostly) stronger main camera as Selfie-Cam invade. For this one would simply use the second screen as the main screen. Whether that is large enough is, of course, another question.

So let’s just have a little patience. Meizu will hopefully light up soon and enlighten the thoughts behind the unusual feature. When this will be, however, is also not yet clear. We will keep you up to date.

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