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IPhone 8: What iOS 11 reveals about the next Apple smartphone



After two developer versions, Apple released a freely accessible beta of iOS 11 earlier this week . Now that the preview of the new Apple operating system is available to all users, numerous developers, users, and designers are working through the programming code, tracking changes to discover new features and features. First and foremost it is the designer Tyler Hansen , who makes some changes in iOS 11 with the assumptions expected for the iPhone 8 .

A clear reference to the almost frameless display of the iPhone 8 sees Hansen in the design changes of iOS 11. Round elements such as icons or menu buttons should therefore give a uniform picture with the rounded corners of the display. So the corners of the menus accessible via 3D-Touch are somewhat more rounded and the pocket calculator app has been completely reworked. Here are now all the buttons round and the whole interface is in black. Lastly, this could be an indication of the use of an OLED panel for the forthcoming iPhone 8, which consumes less energy when displaying darker screen contents.

Apple creates space for the camera module

The iPhone 8 supposedly embedded in the display embedded phone and sensor module, Apple seems to have already at iOS 11 thought. The native built-in video player has been reworked, so the progress indicator is now displayed at the bottom of the screen. The buttons for volume, closing the player and changing the size are displayed with a small distance from the display edge in the right or left corner of the screen. This leaves the area free of interface elements, both in portrait and landscape format, where the module series is to be installed on the iPhone 8.

A further indication that the module occupies the place in the middle of the upper display edge is the changes to the message center of iOS 11. This is similar to the design of the blocking screen in the folded-out state and, in contrast to iOS 10, now also very prominently placed the time at. It remains open, which happens with the time displayed in the middle of the status bar. That the space at the top of the screen could become scarcer, also shows the change in the display of the reception quality. This is no longer displayed with five points, but as a much narrower stairs icon.

Does the iPhone 8 come with wireless charging technology?

At the beginning of the year, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium , where more than 200 companies are taking care of the development of the Qi-Ladestandard. Since then it is assumed that the manufacturer in the iPhone 8 a cable-free Lademöglichkeit implemented. A new reference is provided by a developer who has worked through the source code of the beta firmware. There he came across a sound file named “engage_power.caf”, which is possibly played back to signal that the iPhone 8’s wireless charging process has begun. The following YouTube video shows how the sound, which has not been used by the system so far, is heard:

What is missing so far are references to the fingerprint sensor integrated into the iPhone 8 display. In the latest iOS version is currently no reference to the placement of the sensor to be found, nor on the supposedly shown at the bottom of the screen area with a digital home button.

Of course, the statements by Tyler Hansen are also only conjectures. What do you think about that? Have you noticed any other changes in iOS 11 that point to the iPhone 8? Write it to us in the comments.



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