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IPhone 6 accidentally falls-An iPhone 6 survived after a fall of about 400 meters on a non-asphalted ground. The event was reported online through a video.

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Cover, bumper, tempered glass films, lanyards to tie our smartphone to the wrist. All accessories that are used to increase the security of our device and decrease or even cancel damages from a fall, but are we really sure they will give us a hand or is it just luck?

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Stefano Bardelli was using with his iPhone 6 a flight on a plane, the Crop Circle, at about 150-160 km / h when he suddenly slipped his hand. From the movie we notice how the cell phone starts to spin on itself at great speed and after a few seconds it falls violently to the ground: after a whole night in search of the smartphone also thanks to the Find My iPhone app finally succeed in finding it with a pleasant surprise , The cell phone is intact.

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Only a little-ruined cover is the overall damage of the device that after a 400-meter flight continues to be perfectly functional, you just read dirty, awesome even if it is to say that as everyone could have noticed the cell phone did ‘Landing on a non-cemented surface, which has definitely helped the smartphone stay intact. Which is unlikely if he had fallen, for example, on an asphalt road.

However, we recognize that it is definitely a good result that after such a flight the smartphone has remained intact.

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