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New chapter in the legal battle between the two giants: with the addition of a new charge of intellectual property infringement, Qualcomm asked the ITC to stop sales of the iPhone in the US.

It takes increasingly heavy outlines the legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm , with the latter asked the International Trade Commission to halt imports of certain models of the iPhone and iPad and block sales of the devices already imported into the US, depositing at the same time a new accusation of patent infringement against Apple in the jurisdiction of the southern California district.

Qualcomm claims that Apple is in violation of six patents related to technologies that allow to reduce energy consumption during the smartphone communication phases. The six patents referred to by Qualcomm were recognized between 2013 and 2017 and are not part of the intellectual property on which Apple and Qualcomm are already squabbling and sees the center of the non-payment of royalty by Apple.

Qualcomm asked the ITC to stop the marketing of all iPhone equipped with LTE chip competitors (so phones sold in the US by AT&T and T-Mobile that are equipped with Intel chips) and some iPad models. The legal Qualcomm, Don Rosenberg, said: “If Apple wanted to, like everyone else, pay for what uses would not have sued them for these patents. But it is not and we feel put us in a position, in the face of disputes they have moved against the world, not only having to defend but also to take action on our part. ”

A possible ban on Apple still arrive no earlier than 18 months , which is why the measure will have no impact whatsoever on new phones that Apple is expected to launch in the autumn. Qualcomm expects the ICT consider the case in August and have a hearing in the course of 2018.

The battle between the two giants began in January, when the Federal Trade Commission has raised the possibility of an anticompetitive conduct by Qualcomm on the granting of licenses for use of its patents. Shortly after Apple sued Qualcomm with a request for compensation of more than $ 1 billion, accusing the company of royalty requiring incorrect for not using technology, refusing to corrispodere quarterly repayments. In April Qualcomm has passed counterattackaccusing Apple of violation of licensing agreements and perjury. Apple, in turn, has decided to completely block the payment of royalties until a judge will not give its opinion.

Since then the two companies have waged a fierce battle also publishes continuing to rintuzzarsi each other with blows of legal claims and actions. A story that, in short, still drag on for a long time unless the two do not really have the desire to groped the road extrajudicial agreement: now, though, the prospect of such a development seems unlikely.

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