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Google Play will pen and hide failed Android apps



Google does not want applications with bugs in its application store. Those in Mountain View want to take maximum care of their users and experience with their operating system. To avoid issues, Google will take action on the Google Play Store and penalize Android apps that fail.

Google Play Protect is now active on all Android devices

Most Android apps go through the Google Play Store although there are other app stores where to get them. But Google takes good care of its applications and a few months ago announced that it would increase measures to protect its users from malware and now will do so to ensure that the experience with Android is good, without applications that cause problems.

Google has announced an algorithm that allows controlling the stability of applications and performance. This will allow you to modify the positioning of apps within the app store and that Android apps that fail to become less visible than those that work correctly.

So far, user ratings were a factor to consider to place apps higher or lower in the Google Play Store. Now, to this criterion also adds the one of the performance that they have. Higher quality apps will appear more frequently on the Google Play Store than similar, lower quality apps, such as frequently blocked apps.


Google will also warn developers if applications have too many bugs. Developers will receive a warning if their applications fail too much and will have to act and solve their problems. Developers can also use the Play Console to find quality issues in applications that they can then correct

If they do not solve it soon and the problems continue to accumulate, downloads will drop significantly because the news will no longer have visibility in the Google Play Store.

Google Play strives to help people find and discover safe, high-quality, useful and relevant applications. By focusing on the quality and performance of your application, there will be more successful on Google Play, “explained Mountain View in a post on his blog for developers.

Google ensures that this change has had a positive impact on engagement because users install higher quality applications, use them more, and do not uninstall them as frequently as when it comes to poor quality applications that fail or are constantly blocked.


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