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More than four years after the launch of Google Now, the Internet giant has completely dissolved its virtual DNA assistant from many products. Nowhere is this impact more evident than in the search tool. Now its most direct successor, Google Feed, reaches users of Android and iOS in the United States.

This update of the feed that the company introduced in its Google application last year, allows “to follow” certain subjects and people to give form to what the artificial intelligence considers that it is contents of interest for the user. For now, Google Feed will live within the Google application on Android and iOS (as well as the Pixel Launcher), but soon Chrome users will begin to see elements of the news feed on the Google homepage.

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How does Google Feed behave?

Google Feed will be returned from the rest of Google applications that we have on our smartphone, thus offering this information interesting to the user. In addition, of course, it will also be based on the search history on the Web. If for example, you have many emails from movie tickets, it is likely that Google Feed will show you the billboard of the halls of your city.

Similarly, an event in Google’s calendar for a flight to London may trigger Google Feed to show a card with travel tips or local restaurant recommendations. YouTube searches for a particular music group can provide a link to set up Google’s upcoming group concerts in the city.

In addition, if a particular author finds you interesting and you want to be up to date on your work, you can click on a follow button in the search results and get updates from Google Alerts for your own feed. You can follow topics like movies, sports teams, musical groups and much more.

Also, note how Google will use the feed to shape the method in which people consume the news. Instead of launching a news article in the feed as an independent entity, the feed will highlight several news sources and for the user to identify the truth of the information provided, a step in the fight against “Fake News”.

As we say, this improved Google Feed that comes to inherit the operation of Google Now is reaching all US users of the Google application at the same time, but it is expected that the new feature will expand worldwide in the coming weeks.

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