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Just a few weeks ago we told you one of the controversies that have been wrapping the OnePlus 5 since its launch. It had to do with the screen and has been known as Jelly Effect originally or gelatin effect. Now the effect we saw on the screen of the OnePlus 5 also appears in the Moto Z2.

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Precisely a few hours ago we were talking about a test of resistance that has passed the Moto Z2. Once again the resistance of different external components, such as the display or the body of the terminal, has been tested.

A similar effect in the Moto Z2 to the OnePlus 5 screen

It seems that Lenovo through its Motorola teachers has fallen again into the same error of the OnePlus 5, either consciously or unconsciously, but it seems that exactly the same as in the case of the OnePlus terminal. The users of the Moto Z2 that have been released a couple of days ago the new terminal of the Chinese, have realized in great number that the screen of the terminal suffers from the same gelation effect of OnePlus 5. A gelatin effect that can be seen in the attached video and that manifests as its name indicates, in a gelatinous effect.

And it is the coincidence that those who have dismantled the Moto Z2 have warned that as in the OnePlus 5, the screen of the terminal would be mounted upside down, in order to be able to fit better inside the terminal the electronic components. Everything indicates that the Moto Z2 has the same problem on the screen of the OnePlus 5. A gel effect that OnePlus even went so far as to “blame” its customers and their view of being responsible for this problem, which has been Demonstrated were a consequence of a different way of assembling the mobile.

At the moment this problem on the screen is limited only to the Moto Z2, and there seems to be no other terminal of the firm that has this strange effect on the panel. At the moment does not seem that this problem also extends to other models of Motorola, because everything points to the puzzle of parts inside the Moto Z2 are responsible for this gelatin effect, which has to say, has not yet been admitted Formally by Lenovo. We’ll see if the answer is similar to OnePlus.

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