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    Games like Age of Empires

Sid Meier’s Civilization – a journey through time – One Of The Best Games like Age of Empires

Although the Civilization series is quite different from Age of Empires, a central feature of the historically-inspired series is also strongly represented here: the journey through time with your people.

  • The hallmark of Age of Empires is that your civilization begins in the Stone Age and for the time being uses only a few technologies to take care of food, resources and protection. Only step by step, you will explore striking tools such as the wheel or the millstone, and then fight through different times to the modern age.
  • Hardly a game uses a similar mechanism. A popular exception, however, is the Civilization series. Here you too can start with small settlements and simple scouts, explore literature and black smithing and thus advance your empire. Step by step you discover new resources like oil and learn how to deal with them. Old units are being modernized to keep them up to date, and the entire world is shaping up with the passing centuries.
  • It is also great that, as in Age of Empires, you can play historical scenarios and rewrite history. In addition, the extensive Civilopedia includes endless information about human history, great personalities and wonders of the world.
  • Age of Empires diversity is also represented in Civilization, immersing you in foreign cultures.
  • Yet Civilization differs in many ways from Age of Empires But still we can recommend it in the list of Games like Age of Empires. Here you do not build a few settlements and manage resources to build the largest possible army. Instead, the game is turn-based. Diplomacy is an important tool, trading with the numerous other peoples as well. You can choose the winner or be the first to start in space. But even a violent victory by large armies is an option.
  • Civilization 5 – Games like Age of Empires is available for the PC. If you want to focus especially on the future on foreign planet, Civilization recommends : Beyond Earth .

Pure real-time strategy: StarCraft 2 as an Games like Age of Empires

An important aspect of Age of Empires is the gigantic battles and unit balance. Here is a game especially out of the mass of real-time strategy games: StarCraft 2. Unlike usual StarCraft plays in the future.
  • Three sci-fi factions meet in StarCraft 2 and its add-ons to the fierce battle that you’re allowed to fight through in a lengthy campaign. But more important for most players is the online mode, where they can constantly compete and optimize their strategies.
  • You have less resources to manage than Age of Empires, which is just minerals and gas that you both need for just about every building and unit. Important decisions are also in this game, whether you want to invest more in offensive or business.
  • Constant banter and synchronous arms race are the order of the day. The armies grow rapidly and require at a higher level enormous miniscule work to use them optimally.
  • As in Age of Empires, in StarCraft you often encounter a stone-scissors-paper principle that will make you familiar quickly.
  • Unlike Age of Empires, there are only three races. These differ greatly from each other. Also, the units in StarCraft are more diverse than you would expect from Age of Empires.
  • StarCraft differs in many aspects from Age of Empires. However, if you play Age of Empires mainly because of the big challenging battles, StarCraft 2 is still an alternative for Games like Age of Empires.
  • StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty and the first expansion Heart of the Swarm are available for Windows PC and Mac. The second expansion Legacy of the Void is also in the starting blocks.

From Age-of-Empires Mod to 0 AD

A free alternative for Games like Age of Empires is the open source game 0 AD by Wildfire Games.
  • Originally intended as a modification to Age of Empires 2, AD has since become a large stand-alone project for Age of Empires fans.
  • Just as in Age of Empires, you lead a historic faction like the Romans, Celts or Persians through the battle against other peoples. These differ from each other in terms of their priorities, technologies and units.
  • You research, ensure the supply of your people, and build armies to defeat your enemies.
  • Instead of advancing in ages, everything in AD 0 revolves around year 0. Again, however, as in Age of Empires, there are several stages in which you can gradually unlock new technologies.
  • The developers are next to innovative game elements and the historical authenticity at heart, that applies to names, designs and even the cards in which you play.
  • The best thing about 0 AD: It’s completely free and open source. If you are interested, you can look at the code and even participate in the game. Even mods are very easy to implement. 0 AD is available for windows and Linux.


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