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Galaxy S8: This video shows the full potential of Bixby – and we are amazed



Galaxy S8: This video shows the full potential of Bixby – and we are amazed-From Bixby, users have been rather unconvinced. A language control is missing and in German there is the assistant (if everything works) only later this year. Behind the scenes, however, Samsung is working hard on new features. A first overview of the near future is given by YouTuber sakitech, who takes part in an early access program from Samsung.

Bixby controls everything – by voice input

“Hi Bixby!” – so the speech recognition is also started without Bixby button. The assistant is able to take over virtually the entire control of the Galaxy S8. In the video some examples are shown: turn on WLAN, increase the brightness, create screenshots, open the photo gallery, do not have any problem and complete by entering the language.

In addition to the smaller tasks, Bixby Voice now masters even more. For example, it is possible to store the location of the car and to call it later. Bixby Voice can also automatically create a photo without having to press a single button.

Speaking of the button: As you know, Samsung would not like to release the Bixby button for other applications. A third-party application is possible , but Samsung could soon be master of the situation again via a software update. Should Bixby Voice work in practice but as good as shown in the video, the opponents of the fixed allocation of the button something wind could be taken out of the sails.

All commands can be viewed

Image Source – Sakitech

To get an overview of the linguistic abilities of Samsung’s wizards, there is a list of all commands that have been compiled in the settings for each compatible application so far. To begin with, these are, of course, Samsung’s own apps. Over time, the apps of third-party vendors will appear.

Also interesting are the Bixby Labs: In this experimental area, apps are listed where Samsung is currently integrating Bixby Voice. Again, there is a list of all possible language commands.

When does Bixby Voice come?

The speech recognition of Bixby can only be achieved via an early access program. Unfortunately, Samsung is not occupying currently no more testers. When Bixby Voice on Samsung smartphones is routined, is still unclear. The software makes meanwhile (at least in English language) already a mature impression; Inputs are recognized cleanly and commands are executed quickly.

Actually, Bixby Voice should come together with the Galaxy S8 on the market. The start was however always shifted.

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