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Pixel matrix of an OLED display from Samsung
Pixel matrix of an OLED display from Samsung
LCD displays are from yesterday, OLED displays are in full trend – but what comes after OLED? Curtain on for micro-LED, one of the hot technology candidates for tomorrow’s displays.

OLED displays have long been regarded as the future technology for displays. In fact, the technology is no longer very young and has become established in many areas as a high-end alternative to LCD displays, be it for TVs or smartphones. Also some notebooks are now available with OLED displays. LCDs are still often standard, but in many places only as the more favorable alternative.

The organic OLED displays, however, have some disadvantages compared to LCDs, which should be well-known to the technology-interested: On the one hand, the lower life expectancy especially for blue subpixels, on the other hand also the higher power consumption. In the technology industry you always have to think ahead, so it is hardly surprising that the industry is already working on succession technologies. One of the most promising of these is the micro-LED technology, briefly mLED.

MLED is still a relatively young technology, which was invented at the end of the millennium. In essence, it is similar to OLED, because the individual pixels, the luminaires, are the same as in the case of LCD displays. However, with mLED, there are no organic pixels, but small LEDs that generate the light. The mLED technology offers the same advantages as OLED (deep black, high contrast), but at the same time does not have the disadvantages, the mLED is much more energy-saving and more durable.

Who now wonders why this miracle technique has not yet been used so far: This is mainly due to the high costs and the lack of production capacities. But that could change soon, because as Digitimes has experienced several manufacturers are to work on the realization of a mLED test production. Already in the second half of 2017 it should be so far.

One of these companies is Apple, as early as 2014 the company from Cupertino bought the Startup LuxVue specialized in mLED. According to rumors, one is planning to equip a future Apple Watch with mLED displays.


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