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That version appeared on “Canary” Chrome OS is a heavy redesign, which projects the operating system to even more touchscreen devices

Google continues for some time to edit, enhance and optimize Chrome OS for the increasingly popular touch screen, and a new video “discovered” by Engadget shows that are currently ongoing major news. In the few seconds of footage you may notice a redesigned launcher for the operating system that comes close slightly to Android, with a dedicated app drawer and a search bar for content both online and in local, just like the green robot.

These new elements, together with a dock with the main applications set by the user, are positioned just higher than the traditional taskbar, in such a way that the current IU and more oriented towards use with a mouse and keyboard is not totally disrupted . The same UI will be used also with the touchscreen with devices : tapping the bar will start a search, while maintaining a swipe upwards will appear a grid with all apps installed.

The new redesigned desktop is available now in beta channel “canary” of Chrome OS , which is the most unstable among public ones because of the still embryonic state of development of the latest developments available. Anyone can then use or try the new interface, but making it run all the risks derived from the use of unsafe or perfectly stable version of an operating system. In other words we do not recommend it on computers used as main.

The new user interface may still arrive early on Chrome OS, and probably represents the biggest change on the operating system graphical plan from its very beginning in terms of support to the touchscreen. Last year the company had added a “hybrid mode” that added space between the keys so that they were more easily reached with the fingers, but remained clear the setting turned to more traditional input systems.

It is clear that the effort to build a new desktop turned even more to the touchscreen underlines Google’s desire to make Chrome OS a more modern operating system and oriented to today’s computing needs. With these new Chrome OS also becomes more consistent, given the recent arrival of support for Android apps, which are designed keeping in mind the touch screen.

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