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Change of nomenclature for the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Qualcomm announced that it will change the way its processors are identified: we will go from the traditional (and poorly understood) MSMxxxx to SDMxxx, easier to remember even for the common user. 

The Qualcomm processors will soon change the official numerical designation that accompanied them so far. The company San Diego has announced that will simplify the official name of its Snapdragon processors to make them easier to identify.

At the present time the Snapdragon processors are indicated by the letters “MSM” followed by four digits (for example, the Snapdragon 625 is the MSM8909), without a specific relationship between the name used to make clear the chip to the public and the official theme song. Henceforth, however, the processors (called “Mobile Platforms” by Qualcomm) will be known with the abbreviation SDMxxx , with the numbers that will be identical to the actual model. The Snapdragon 845 , for example, should have signs SDM845.

It is not the first time that Qualcomm will change the name of its products, although so far these changes have been in for the public names (eg “Snapdragon S4”). A change in the official nomenclature also make it easier to identify products, albeit not change the substance.

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