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According to the CEO of Qualcomm litigation with Apple will be resolved out of court-This would be episodes already seen and lived, and that, according to Steve Mollenkopf normally are resolved with an out of court settlement. The CEO of Qualcomm is confident that this time it will go.

The CEO of Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf, has released some considerations and a series of background information regarding the ongoing dispute with Apple. According to Mollenkopf, the story is likely to end with a court settlement . On the occasion of Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, Apple’s CEO noted that the clash with Apple is similar to legal battles already addressed in the past always related to intellectual property and licensing prices.

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“In real terms, this is really the price of the intellectual property and how much to pay for technology that Qualcomm and others – but in this case, Qualcomm – realize to invent the industry that has become so revolutionary and strength so important in their daily lives. In fact, if you delete the superfluous, it is precisely this: we have a contract and someone wants to pay less and there are a lot of maneuvers around the world to try to solve everything, “said Mollenkopf.

The CEO of Qualcomm added that the contract with Apple is in place for a long time and there was no news about it, suggesting that the dispute is a way to try to negotiate a better price. Mollenkopf then compared this incident to another similar situation that happened to the company in 2000, though without giving any information, it is likely that he was referring to the litigation opened by Broadcom for a number of patent infringement on mobile technologies. The case ended with a plea bargain outside the classrooms of the courts, with Qualcomm which has paid the sum of $ 891 million to Broadcom. According Mollenkopf affair with Apple will end, with roles reversed, in the same way.

“These are events that basically are resolved outside the court and there are no reasons why not to expect a similar conclusion. I do not have an ad or an official position, but this is the way we usually do these things” said CEO of Qualcomm.

The Mollenkopf remarks come after a week since the last episode of the legal affair, in which the same Qualcomm announced a request to block imports and sales in the USA of the iPhone and iPad that do not contain Qualcomm chips.

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