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Best Xposed Modules For Android

In this article, we will tell you which are the best Xposed modules that you can install on your android device. Do not miss it!

Android is an operating system that allows you to customize your devices , allowing you to enjoy a device that meets all your requirements. Customizing a device can be a simple or complicated task, it all depends on how much you want to customize. The most advanced users use Root and use Xposed, which gives them endless possibilities.

What is Xposed Framework?

 It can be said that it is a system that works for modules. 

Xposed is a system that allows you to install, execute and combine different modules to customize your mobile to the maximum and give you features that you did not have before. As you can see, it is very different from simply installing a launcher and limiting you to activate or deactivate functions.

In order to install Xposed, you only need the APK and a Zip that you must flash from recovery mode. If you still have Android KitKat or Jelly Bean (something that would be very rare), you would only need to install the APK.

After you have Xposed installed, you can download the module from the application itself. Then activate the module from the “modules” tab and restart the phone.

What are the best Xposed modules?

Installing Xposed Modules application opens a world of modifications that can overwhelm you causing you to install modules that you do not really need. That’s why we’ll show you some of the best Xposed modules that are really useful.

We have used those xposed modules already and so far we have had no problem. However, if you have system failures after installing a module, leave a comment with the model of your mobile and the module that gave you problems.

Gravity Box

It is an absolutely necessary xposed module that allows you to modify system settings and completely customize your phone. It allows you to change the way you unlock your phone, change the appearance of the notification bar, accept calls in a different style, colors, button functions and much more.


Native Clip Board

Those of us who work from our phones know how frustrating it is to copy and paste information. This module allows you to save in a list everything you copied recently. Then, when you want to paste, the list is displayed with everything you want to paste.

Download:  Native Clipboard

Android N-ify

Xposed Modules

If you can not wait to enjoy Android N on your mobile , then this module is for you. It allows you to enjoy the double tap gesture to open the latest application, menu options for simplified settings, night mode, Doze optimization, contact information on lock screen and the drop down menu .

Download:  Android N-ify

Force Fast Scroll

This Xposed Module Enables a fast vertical scroll bar to quickly display long lists in different applications. Its interface allows you to select in which applications you want this to be activated.

Download:  Force FastScroll

Wifi Key View

Xposed Modules


fdThis Xposed module shows you the password of your saved Wi-Fi network by simply accessing the Wi-Fi menu from your mobile. In the Wi-Fi menu, you will have the option “Show password”. You tap and you will be shown two options: copy or share. This way you can share it with your friends when they visit your house and ask for the password of your wifi.

Download:  WiFiKeyView


Xposed Modules


It allows you to enjoy the huge screen of your device by activating the “multi-screen” option. Now you can use several applications on the screen at the same time. Suitable for 5-inch and above screens.

Download:  XMultiWindow

YouTube Adaway

It’s the simplest Xposed module for YouTube. It allows you to eliminate the ads that appear before some videos , in order to save time, data and a lot of patience.

Download:  YouTube AdAway

One Tap Video Download

It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook or Vine with just one touch. A very good module for those who do not want to install unnecessary programs.

Download:  Play Store or here.


It allows you to configure what you want to see when you open YouTube, that is, the first page that this application offers, just open it. You can configure it to be your subscribers page, your favorite history or videos.

NOTE: This module does not appear in the application list.

Download:  YourTube


Xposed Modules

With this module for Xposed, you can create a completely customized restart menu with several languages, colors and various restart options.

Download:  NeoPowerMenu

Ok Google for 3rd party launchers/apps (4.4+)

It allows you to use “Ok Google” regardless of the type of launcher you use. You can also selected keywords to open specific applications in that time when you cannot touch the mobile.

Download:  Ok Google for 3rd party launchers / apps (4.4+)

Tinted Status BarXposed Modules


It is a module absolutely essential and is one that I have in my Smartphone including the previous one. This module personalizes the notifications bar changing its color to be similar to one of the applications that we use.

You can also change the color navigation buttons of the app you are using if they are visible.

You can select the apps where you want this option to be enabled and the colors you want to use, even colors that are different from the apps.

Download:  Tinted Status Bar [BETA]

Google Play Music Listen Later

Xposed Modules

With this module, you will save yourself from the odious task of moving through various menus to enjoy your music in Play Music. This module works similarly to Yourtube, allowing you to configure what page you want to open when you start the Play Music app.

Download:  Google Play Music Listen Later


Xposed Modules


With this Xposed module, you can quickly and easily configure the permissions requested by applications, for example, if you do not want Facebook to know your location or your contacts, simply uncheck the option within the module.

Download:  XPrivacy

App Settings

Xposed Modules

Together with Gravity Box, it is another best Xposed module. It will give you control over all the apps on your mobile, being able to control many aspects, such as the permissions that it uses, the time screen will remain on, etc.

Download:  App Settings

LockScreen Mods

Xposed Modules


With this module, you can select up to 6 applications that you want to use while your mobile is locked.

Download:  [LL-MM] LockScreen Mods – Xposed

APM + (Advanced Power Menu)

Xposed Modules


It allows you to customize the power menu of the mobile with different options, such as the reboot directly to the Recovery or Bootloader.

Download:  Advanced Power Menu + (APM +)

Vine downloader

A Xposed module that adds a button to download the video in the Vine application . Then you will see all downloaded videos in the “Vine” folder of the gallery.

Download:  Vine Downloader


Xposed Modules

It is a WhatsApp extension used to privatize some important chats with a password, to save important messages, to schedule reminders to respond later, to hide the messages from the preview and to modify the call button to call from the mobile network and not from WhatsApp.

Download:  WhatsAppX

Statusbar Scroll to Top

It is a simple module that allows you to go to the beginning of a menu or page by touching the notification bar. It is a function that exists in iOS and in many cases can be very useful.

Download:  Statusbar Scroll to Top

OPXO Camera SD

Xposed Modules

When we take pictures with our mobiles these are stored in the internal memory of the device, leaving us less space for other applications. With this module that is over, as it allows you to save the photos directly to the micro SD card.

Download:  OPXO Camera SD


Xposed Modules

In the notification bar, we can delete all the active notifications, but we can not select the one that we do not want to delete because it is important. For these cases, we have this module that will allow us to delete the other notifications and leave the one that we want to keep just by activating the “pin” button.

Download:  PinNotif

Xtended navbar

Xposed Modules

The navigation bar that is on the screen usually removes space and is annoying, in the end, we always get used to its presence, but we do not use it. This module xposed allows you to give more utility to the navigation bar, you can customize it to activate the music controller or to control the battery.

If you buy the paid version (worth € 1.47) you can customize which application will open when sliding the bar.

Download:  Xtended NavBar

Statusbar Gestures

Xposed Modules

Similar to the previous module, this one personalizes the notifications bar. With this app you can configure the opening of certain apps or options by simply touching the notifications bar once, sliding a finger or two, sliding left or right, etc.

You can use it from any application improving the productivity of the mobile.

Download:  Statusbar Gestures

Instagram Downloader

Xposed Modules

With this Xposed module, you can download any Instagram photo. Add the three-point button with the “download” option. After saving the photo will appear in your gallery with the same quality that was in Instagram.

Download:  Instagram Downloader

Complete Action Plus

Xposed Modules

This module allows you to do two things:

  1. Customize the application selection screen when several apps perform the same function (eg several browsers view a link, different document readers) , allows you to change the color of the box, to give round shape or to replace the ” only once and always “by gestures.
  2. Customize the lists of applications to share files, eliminating those that we do not use until we enable them.

Download:  Complete Action Plus

Never Sleep

Xposed Modules

With this Xposed Module you can select during use of which applications you want to keep the screen on. This will prevent you from turning off the screen while reading a PDF or some important book. In this module you can select the applications with which you can enjoy this feature.

Download:  NeverSleep

Xposed Custom Error

Xposed Modules

With this Xposed Modules you can customize the error message that appears when an app stops, you can place emoticons and the phrase you want.

Download:  Custom Error Text & Sounds


Xposed Modules

It allows you to customize the navigation bar with one of the available themes. You can add buttons, gesture control and more to your notification bar.

Download:  xStana

Notification Count

Xposed Modules

It is a one of the lightweight Xposed modules that allows you to add numbers to application icons that are in the notification bar. That way you can see how many messages or notifications you have to respond per app.

Download:  Notification Count

Max Lock

Max Lock Xposed Modules

With this Xposed module you can block the applications you want with a simple lock code.

Here Ends Our List Of Best Xposed Modules Of 2017.

Download:  MaxLock


Other Xposed modules that you may like

There are other Xposed modules that we have not tried, but you may like them, such as:

  • No Lock Home
  • ChromePie
  • Autoinstall
  • XQuietHours
  • Disable Fullscreen Keyboard
  • BootManager
  • Force Immersive Mode
  • Android Apps Theme Engine Pro
  • Blurred System UI
  • Boot Manager
  • Flat Style Keyboard

We hope you enjoyed our list of best xposed modules 2017. If you find one that is not on this list, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.


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