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7 best video editing software for windows (Free)



best video editing software for windows

7 best video editing software for windows (Free) – Video is increasingly present in our lives and thanks to streaming video platforms like Youtube or Twitch that allow any user to create their channel and share their videos with other users.

In order for these videos to have an acceptable quality, they must go through an editing process in which editors cut the parts of video that are not useful and merge the ones that are really interesting, or simply add titles, intros or special effects to your videos to make the content more attractive and attract more visitors.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have a suitable video editor and this is where many of the users can find their main problem: to find best free video editing software for windows.

We have selected for you a list of the 7 best video editing software in windows with which you can edit your videos from your PC.

In this list you will find options to edit your videos online , do it with very basic editors for the most inexperienced users or use powerful professional video editors for Windows for the more daring. Choose the one that best suits your needs and succeed on YouTube !

7. Clipchamp

best video editing software for windows - clipchamp

We started our selection of the 7 best video editing software to use in Windows with Clipchamp one of the most versatile and accessible video editors since it is an online video editor.

Clipchamp is a free online video editor with which you can edit your videos from any computer since you do not need more than an Internet connection to use it. Upload and video to your platform, edit and download or share on Facebook, YouYube, Vimeo or Google Drive. No problems.

Clipchamp has a paid version with which some functions are unlocked and the number of videos is expanded, but its free version is perfect to edit videos weekly since it allows you to edit up to 5 videos a month.

To use the Clipchamp video editor you just have to register to create a user account, then just drag a video to the editor and you can cut it, cut its resolution, rotate or flip it or apply various color adjustments. When you finish, you can download it by converting your videos to other formats or compressing them to reduce their size.

Clipchamp also allows you to create videos directly from your webcam , then edit and share them without having to download it to your computer, something that will be very useful if you are using another person’s computer.

More information about Clipchamp .

6. VideoPad

best video editing software for windows - videopad

VideoPad is not among the most popular video editing software for Windows . However, those who have used it can tell about its good performance and ease of use.

With VideoPad we reach a level of video editing where you can begin to get professional results in a simple way thanks to tools such as the replacement of backgrounds with chroma key, create advanced audio and video effects as it includes an extensive library of transitions.

Another feature that makes VideoPad one of the 7 best video editing software to use in Windows is that it allows you to publish edited videos directly to streaming video services like Youtube, social networks or upload the videos directly to cloud storgae like in Dropbox or Google Drive. Of course, you can also export them directly to formats such as DVD, Blu-ray.

More information about VideoPad .

5. VSDC Video Editor

best video editing software for windows - vsdc video editor

Before telling about professional video editing software for Windows we must tell about VSDC Video Editor – a minimalist and easy-to-use video editor that, through the help of filters and effects can greatly improve the appearance of your videos with few settings.

Free version of VSDC Video Editor for Windows is a non-linear editor, so you can toggle clips to interleave and insert audio and video effects, including mask effects with which you can hide or highlight different elements of your video.

But undoubtedly one of the most interesting functions is that you can apply Instagram style filters to your videos to change their appearance quickly and easily.

VSDC Video Editor allows exporting in multiple video formats, including 4K formats, Full HD or fast formats adapted to the characteristics of social networks, video platforms or portable devices.

VSDC Video Editor is a simple to use video tool , but it has some professional functions like video stabilization with which you can stabilize the video recorded from drones or action cameras , giving a more professional touch to your video.

More information about VSDC Video Editor .

4. IvsEdits

best video editing software for windows - ivsedits

Although high-resolution displays are becoming more common on smartphones, monitors and televisions, and cameras and smartphones are now ready to record content in 4K , high-resolution content is still low. IvsEdits is a powerful free video editing software for Windows to edit videos with 4k resolution in Windows .

Interactive Video Systems Editor can be considered one of the 7 best video editing software to use in Windows since it allows editing professional videos. To use it, you require some prior learning to master its interface and better use its functions.

IvsEdits lets you insert video and live audio from different sources on your PC , so you can create your videos by connecting a webcam to your computer and adding effects, subtitles or other resources directly.

IvsEdits is compatible with a large number of video formats with which you will not have compatibility problems when editing and exporting your videos from Windows .

Learn more about IvsEdits .

3. Shotcut

best video editing software for windows - shotcut

At this point in our selection of the best video editing software to use in Windows we will tell you about Shotcut , the first option that we could consider as it is a professional software to edit your videos at home for free.

Shotcut is a free, multiplatform with which you can access advanced video editing options. it is easier for people with less experience about editing video from the PC .

The basic tools for video editing , like cutting parts of video, add different clips, import and merge several videos , add a soundtrack to your videos or export videos to different formats are done in a very simple way since the distribution of menus is the usual in this type of tools and will be familiar to many of the users.

The thing changes when you have to use advanced filters and effects where it is necessary to devote some time to learning, something that will be very simple, thanks to the video tutorials that you will find on its official website.

It is certainly worth trying this free video editor for Windows before considering buying any other similar tool.

More information about Shotcut .

2. Lightworks

best video editing software for windows - lightworks

Lightworks is known to be one of the most powerful alternatives to Adobe Premiere as a professional video editor for Windows . So much that it has even been used to edit some of the greatest movie hits in the last 25 years like Pulp Fiction, The King’s Speech, The Wall Street Wolf, or The Incredible. Imagine what you could do with your videos?

This powerful video editing tool has a paid version for a monthly use license for 1525.90 Indian Rupee or annual for 10304.19 Indian Rupee. However, Lightworks also has a free version that have some limitations like not having 4K support or limiting the number of effects and functions, that can be very useful to make your videos look professional .

Being a professional video editing editor, you will need to learn to master its functions, something that is incredibly simple thanks to the video tutorials that you will find in the page itself and with which you can carry out your first projects without any problem.

Lightworks is multiplatform, so if you use computers with GNU / Linux or macOS in addition to Windows, you can continue to use it without problems in all of them.

Learn more about Lightworks .

1. Best video editing software (FREE) : Jahshaka

best video editing software for windows - jahshaka

It may be one of the strangest names for a video editor for Windows,Its name comes from the nickname of its creator, Jah Shaka.

Formerly known as CineFX , Jahshaka has been growing and adding more and more tools and functions to move from being a video effects platform to a complete video editing and special effects program .

There are many who compare it to Adobe After Effects for its capabilities to create special effects for videos, but its use can go a little further to fully engage in video editing.

We are talking about a powerful free video editing software that can be considered to be fully professional and therefore not easy to use. Therefore, if you are an inexperienced user or have never used a professional video editor, Adobe After Effects or Combustion you could find you very lost in an interface with so many options and advanced settings.

Once you master its use, Jahshaka becomes one of the 7 best video editing software to use in Windows and an indispensable tool to achieve spectacular results in your videos.

With it you can create animations, add special effects to your videos in a few steps, mix music to create a soundtrack or toggle video clips to create more elaborate videos.

More information on Jahshaka .

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