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BEST uTorrent alternative:Few years back, one of the world’s best-known software was heavily criticized for mining bitcoins directly on user’s computers . You should know that we are talking about uTorrent, one of the most used applications in the world – being the main Torrent client of the present time. But what do you do to continue downloading your files without agreeing with uTorrent policies?

Because there are many applications on the market today that can be used without any problem on anyone’s computer – without the risk that your machine has targeted for processing for virtual coin mining. Does the idea look good? Because today we have brought five high quality software so you can change your torrent client and continue downloading files quietly.

1. Vuze – uTorrent alternative

Vuze has always been one of the major competitors of uTorrent in the international market, and there are some very interesting differences in the operation of the application. For starters, it’s built on a Java engine that guarantees compatibility with a huge array of devices – not suffering from problems related to the rendering architecture, though this will make it heavier.

Vuze - uTorrent alternative

Another very interesting advantage of Vuze over some competitors is the support for plugins, which ensure more control of users about what happens in the software structure. In summary, it is possible to adapt Vuze to various usage profiles, requiring only that add-ons be installed for this. Also worth mentioning is that Vuze has support for DHT networks.

2. FrostWire – uTorrent alternative

If you have been an internet user for a long time, you may find FrostWire’s name here in the torrent client list. Being a dissent from LimeWire, the application was one of the big names in P2P sharing for many years, until in 2011 it became a torrent client focused on the distribution of music – there are even artists who are promoted by the software.

FrostWire - uTorrent alternative

There is also integration with iTunes for consumers who are really passionate about music and want to enjoy as many possibilities as they can. One of the great advantages of this software is the intelligent peer detection system , which makes data transmission more dynamic and accelerates downloads at different times.

Click here to download FrostWire

3. BitTorrent – uTorrent alternative

BitTorrent is the most similar to uTorrent clients, but with changes to the main structure – and without the previously mentioned background mining system. It is widely criticized by free software users for displaying advertisements on their interface. At the same time, it is acclaimed as one of the simplest software and with the dynamics easier to understand.

BitTorrent - uTorrent alternative

Other advantages are in the internal system for the search of files and also in the internal applications that bring additional functions to the software. No doubt BitTorrent is one of the big names available today and should be one of the most viable options for consumers who are still starting in this world of torrent downloads.

Click here to download BitTorrent

4. Deluge – uTorrent alternative

In this list, we show applications that have additional software, as well as some that appeal to simplicity. Deluge is part of this second group and does it with great mastery. In fact, getting access to additional in-app settings is a big problem because in the software it is possible to have only access to the most basic functions of a client – download and upload.

Deluge - uTorrent alternative

It is highly praised on specialized websites for not adhering to traffic modeling systems – which is a great advantage for consumers who have internet plans with bandwidth limitations. Another great option for users who need to download files without major concerns with advanced settings.

Click here to download Deluge

5. qBitTorrent – uTorrent alternative

qBitTorrent - uTorrent alternative

Another simple option for consumers with little experience is qBitTorrent, which was imported from some Linux distributions to Windows consumers a few years ago. It’s totally geared towards downloading files fast, without much concern for the aesthetic part or even with additional options for the most demanding consumers.

In addition to all that we have already said, qBitTorrent is quite lightweight – one of the applications of this type that least occupy memory resources of computers – and dispenses with any type of announcement in its operation. Another good alternative for those looking for good ways to download files made available in torrent.

Click here to download qBitTorrent

Of course there are several other applications available in the market that offer functions similar to those shown here. We have chosen to bring the most reliable and stable for today, so that the downloading of files is easier for all users. Which one is your favorite uTorrent alternative?, Tell us in Comments below.


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