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Best Thermal Paste

5 Best Thermal Paste for CPU – When installing a heat sink or video card, we use the best thermal paste to maximize the performance of the equipment, because even when it comes to the best cooling system , these equipments must necessarily be complemented with the thermal paste, because without it simply the device will not perform in the manner for which it was designed.

What is Thermal Paste? and what is it for?

As it is also known, silicone grease,  thermal silicone, and in some cases as a thermal glue,  is a substance that increases the conduction of heat between the surface that unites two parts without contact.

The paste is generally used inside a CPU and irregular parts and is placed in the area where air can be trapped causing an increase in heat and decreasing the effectiveness of the dissipator.

The 5 Best Thermal Paste to Refresh Your Computer

What is Thermal Paste? and what is it for?

As it is also known, silicone grease,  thermal silicone, and in some cases as a thermal glue,  is a substance that increases the conduction of heat between the surface that unites two parts without contact.

The paste is generally used inside a CPU and irregular parts are placed in the area where air can be trapped causing an increase in heat and decreasing the effectiveness of the dissipator.

How to apply the thermal paste?

The product should be applied on the thermal diffuser, taking care that it does not reach other components in which the effectiveness would be lost, as for example, the resistance.

The appropriate quantity must also be placed, which depends on the dimensions of the appliance,if it is used in excess it would be totally unfavorable, eliminating refrigeration which in turn could provide the right amount, which is generally very small, which is why These products come in small quantities and precise applicators.

Types of thermal paste

Basically there are three types of thermal paste and we will consider all of them in our list of Best Thermal Paste

Based on metals:

They are the most demanded because they offer the best performance among the three. The product is composed of tiny metallic particles, gold , silver, aluminum or copper that function as the main thermal conductors.

The particularity of this type of paste is that, due to its composition, it also conducts electricity, which can be a disadvantage or limitation in its use.

Ceramic based:

Although it is efficient but not as much as the metal one, however, since it is composed of ceramic, the paste does not conduct electricity.

Based on silicon:

It is simply another option, they also work well, but it is not as effective as the previous ones. The original heat sink pads are usually made with this paste and also, when purchased, they are complemented with a cooling kit.

Thermal paste or thermal grease? Are they same?

The thermal paste, thermal grease or silicone grease are the same, they fulfill the same requirement, but as we mentioned before, some vary in the components and even in the presentation, besides that like all products there are brands that offer greater effectiveness than others.

Also, some use the thermal paste specifically to dissipate the temperature in the microprocessors and others prefer the silicone grease to grease areas that are subjected to high temperatures as in printer circuits. It is simply the user’s choice according to the purpose of the product.

Why do you need the thermal paste?

The processors of PC are very advanced and modern that are most of the times have been surpassed by the demand of simultaneous applications that the user wants to handle, which makes the equipment produce a high level of heat, especially when the processor  dedicates more resources than normal to certain programs to accomplish tasks.

In this situation the team is forced and exposed to a collapse where it can present irreversible damage to the main components of the computer, with greater risk to gaming computers or those that need more resources.

Because of this situation, dissipating heat has been a challenge for CPU manufacturers and even today, although they can produce less heat than before, it is not a totally resolved case, and this is the reason why end users should Be concerned about having a safe cooling system that helps keep equipment temperature low .

One of the safest and most efficient cooling systems is a CPU fan , heat sink or cooling base  combined with thermal paste, and this is where the aforementioned product plays an indispensable role in the proper functioning and performance of your computer, laptop or notebook.

The 5 best thermal paste in the market

As you know there are several brands, some of good quality and others not so much, but to know which is the best performing based on its price, presentation, size, ease of application and other features, we have created a list of five best thermal pastes that have given users the best experience when it comes to having an efficient heat dissipation system:

1. Arctic MX-4

Best Thermal Paste

Unlike the previous paste of the brand, the consistency of this is lighter and is not so sticky, so it will be easy to apply and more easier to have a controlled dose.

You can stretch without problems which is an advantage when using it exactly in the places you need, it is also high thermal conductivity adhesive , does not harden, and is not corrosive.

It is for professional use, perfect for use in fancoolers and microprocessors, and you will love how efficient it is when lowering the temperature, apart from the heat sink you can use it in laptops and even in console circuits and on average it will refresh up to three degrees less compared with products with similar characteristics.

It is also super durable if it is well stored and closed with its lid and its presentation of 4gr is economical , but if you need more you can buy up to 65g.

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2.Thermal Grizzly

The best for processors

Best Thermal Paste

The Thermal Grizzly brand is from Germany and is well positioned with products that work against high temperatures.

In this case it presents a thermal grease in the form of a syringe with a content of 7.8 grams capable of controlling the heat in microprocessors.

The product is in liquid, however the applicator is simple and accurate so that you will have the product under control.

It is a paste of excellent quality of rapid response and is highly conductive. It does not have a low price , but the quality of the product is superior.

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3. CoolerMaster RG-ICV1-TW20-R1

 The best for CPUs or GPUs

It is a white thermal paste with a content of 32 grams that will be super yielding.

The application is perfect and spreads easily, also brings a spatula that will help you to keep the content from leaving your site.

It works well, performs for several applications and is among the most recommended among users.

The thermal compound is of high conductivity and low resistance. With it you can find an efficient temperature dispersion and the best thing is that it is the  cheapest.

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 4. Noctua NT-H1

The one with the best price – quality ratio

Best Thermal Paste

It guarantees a temperature range between -40 and 90 ° C, it is also stable and contains 1.4g.

The product is simple to apply, the dose will be effective, durable and also does not conduct electricity.

It is one of the best paste in the market, reaching a drop in temperature compared to other products from 1 ° to 6 ° C.

You will feel like your computer is yielding more, it becomes efficient and you will no longer feel that temperature had made you nervous and forced you to stop working.

The product is superior, however the price remains affordable so it is a paste that is worth buying .

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5. Arctic Silver AS5

The most effective

Best Thermal Paste

Its 99% gray silver composition guarantees the most effective conductivity you expect from a product like this. The particles are microscopic and the contact between them maximizes the thermal transfer.

Despite being based on metals, the product does not conduct electricity, maintaining the efficiency of the putty without any kind of risks.

For a more effective use,it is convenient to distribute it through the heatsinks, however, only a regular amount is enough for the CPU.

This thermal paste does not expire, however the dry paste due to bad storage can no longer be used.

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What do you think? Which is the Best Thermal Paste according to you?Let us know in the comments!


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