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Best Earphones Under 500 Rs In India – July, 2018 | APK Technical



best earphones under 500

In this post, we’ll be discussing the best earphones under 500 Indian Rupees. It’s the holiday season and time to celebrate. What’s a better way to celebrate than gifting your loved ones something that they always liked?

But, it’s new years eve and also the end of the month. End of the month always translates to empty pockets, which makes budget earphones a perfect gift. 500 is a good budget for a beginner listener. However, there are many earphones/headphones under 500 Rupees in India.


Don’t get confused! With no particular order, here’s a list of earphones that you can purchase with a small budget of 500-

Best earphones under 500 Rupees in India: 

1) Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100 –  Amazon Choice of the Year for earphones under 500 INR

best earphones under 500

If you’re someone who listens to a lot of music then you might be familiar with Audio Technica. Audio-Technica is one of the most famous brands known for its superior quality headphones and earphones. They have covered almost every budget starting from 500 to products ranging in thousands.

Speaking of the CLR 100, It’s the cheapest offering by the company and is present in 8 different colors to choose from. It’s also the Amazon Choice of the Year for best earphones under 500 rupee range.

You should definitely check it out here.

Buy Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphones From Amazon at Rs.690

2) Flipkart Smartbuy earphones

best earphones under 500

Yes, Flipkart indeed sells quality products under the smart buy range. Most of you might be looking best earphones with mic under 500 INR.

Yes, these earphones have a mic and cost well under R.s.500. It has good treble but slightly lower volume. This comes with a rubber enclosure protecting the wire. Also, the mic is placed lower so it fails to pick up the audio clearly.

You can buy these earphones here.

Buy Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Headset With Mic from Flipkart at Rs.349

If you have bit more budget,you can check our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 INR [2018]-Click Here

3) boAt Bassheads 225:

best earphones under 500

boAt is another popular company that makes mobile accessories. The Bassheads 225 is one of the decent earphone under 500 Rupees. The build is quite robust as it’s having metal. If you’re looking for solid built quality which also looks premium then boAt is the one for you. They also look good and are available in wide range of colors.

And hey, they also come with a microphone,so this is also a best earphone with mic under 500 Rupees.

Although it’s named “bassheads” they don’t actually have that powerful bass. Bass is subtle and punchy. The mid tones are pleasant. Overall, one of the best earphone under 500 INR.

Buy boAt BassHeads 225 In-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones from Amazon at Rs.599

4) Panasonic HJE125e-k

best earphones under 500

If you’re a fan of good build quality then don’t even think of getting this earphones under 500 INR. They look quite cheap and also lack a microphone. But then, why are we suggesting it? The audio quality of course!

The audio quality on these earphones is quite superb with excellent mid tones and punchy bass. These earphones float in the air. They are really lightweight and sometimes, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them. The bass is, in fact, better than Audio Technica, but the place where it disappoints is high tones.

These earphones are comfortable and won’t easily fall off.

Buy Panasonic RP-HJE125-A In-Ear Headphone from Amazon

5) AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones

best earphones under 500

Compared to Flipkart, AmazonBasics have a much better audio quality. These earphones also come with a microphone. They, in fact, have the loudest volume when compared to all the earphones with mic under 500 INR.

Speaking of earbuds they are soft, keeping ergonomics in mind and it’s made up of silicone.They’re one of the coolest and best earphones under 500 INR.

But, its build quality is disappointing. The build quality is something that this earphone lacks. If you’re looking for an earphone which has a good built, then AmazonBasics is definitely not for you. They look cheap and feel plasticky.

These earphones come in 3 different colors and you can choose a color of your choice as they’re always in stock.

Buy AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with Mic from Amazon at Rs.399

6) SoundMagic ES11S Headset with Mic

best earphones under 500

SoundMagic is one such company which creates magic in ears. It’s one of the best brands when it comes to audio. Their build quality might not be like boAt, but they provide quite impressive headphones under 500 INR.

Coming to the audio quality, it has a really good treble response. It has got a punchy bass and great mid tones. These may not be as loud as AmazonBasics earphones but these are loud enough for regular usage.

It is an earphone with mic under R.s.500 and the audio which the microphone records is also quite well. It has different colors options to choose. And these earphones are available not only in India but are sold internationally as well.

Buy SoundMagic ES11S Headphones from Amazon

7) Philips SHE3590

best earphones under 500

The last on this list but not the least is the Philips SHE3590. Philips is one of the oldest and the most trustable brands in the world. They sell all kinds of products ranging from bulbs to switches and other electronic items.

They are also known for their budget earphones. Philips has a wide variety of earphones when it comes to the budget range. We’ve shortlisted the SHE3590 for the list of best earphones under 500 INR in india.

They too come in varied colors and are perfect for anyone who need a powerful bass.

It has good low tones and mid tones but when it comes to high tones, they are really high, which also explains why they have good bass. They are plasticky and don’t even have a microphone, which might not be suitable for some of you.

Overall a decent one for its price.

Buy Philips SHE3590 Wired Headphone from Flipkart at Rs.499


Uff, this is difficult.

We’ve listed seven different earphones ranging from 300 to 500 price range. Everyone has got their own requirement, some require earphones with mic under 500 INR whereas few require a really good build quality for an earphone under 500 INR.

In terms of the build quality, we found that boAt tops this list as they’re made of metal and they look and feel ultra premium.

Panasonic has one such earphone under 500 Rupees which surprised us when it comes to audio quality. The earphones were comfortable for long listening hours, but the built was disappointing.

In terms of the overall performance, build and the price, we found that Soundmagic is the best earphones under 500 INR.

If there’s one earphone which we’d pick among all these, would definitely be the Soundmagic ES 11 S.

Don’t forget to check our list of Best Earphones Under 1000 INR [2018]-Click Here

Anything else that we’ve missed? Do let us know in the comments below 🙂




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