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Best Android ROMs of 2017



Best Android ROMs of 2017- Talking about Android ROMs is talking about the customization taken to the extreme,since with it you get settings that we normally do not find in stock Android versions of smartphones. The history of Android ROMs runs parallel to the development of Android since the use of custom ROMs had got great feedback of developers due to the lack of update of Android smartphones by their manufacturers, even improving the functions of the official versions of Android , or serve as a testing platform for functions that would later end up being included in the official versions of Android.

Many of the ROMs that exist today are based on the official version of Android that Google releases, but many others are based on modifications of other ROMs to which they add different functions and customizations.

The number of developers dedicated to creating Android ROMs has dropped significantly.

We have made a selection with the best Android ROMs of 2017 so that you can choose the best option to update/customize your mobile .

7. OmniROM

Omnirom Best Android ROMs

We started our selection of the best Android ROMs of 2017with OmniROM , a classic rom for the Android phone and on which many other ROMs are based.

OmniROM is developed by the team that was part of the extinct CyanogenMod, including developers such as Chainfire (creator of SuperSU , CF-Root and a long list of tools to root smartphones ) and Dees_Troy ( recovery TWRP , etc. ). This ROM is characterized by having ample support for more than 90 Android devices from leading manufacturers.

The project is based on AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ), which is considered the most genuine version of Android without the presence of Google apps, which guarantees a pure Android experience to which are added additional customization features that we did not find in the versions of Android released by Google on their devices.

Among its main functions you will find OmniStyle , which allows you to customize the status bar of your Android, the possibility to modify the style of the wallpapers, advanced functions in the shutdown menu and even allows you to configure how often the processor should run on your mobile .

OmniROM is a fairly light ROM that currently uses the Android version 7.1.2. Nougat, so it is ideal to upgrade the operating system of Android that no longer receive support from the manufacturer .

More information on OmniROM .

6. Dirty Unicorns

Best Android ROMs

Dirty Unicorns is the living standard of freedom of development in Android since in its early versions AOKP was used as a basis for its development which will be discussed below, then OmniROM was used and finally end up using AOSP in its latest versions of its ROM.

Currently it is in version 11.4 that uses Android 7.1.2 to which it has added components and functions of OmniROM in addition to other functions and own developments.

Among the highlights of these Android ROMs we find Battery Life a feature that optimizes the battery consumption while the device is at rest in order to extend the battery life of your mobile .

It has a complete menu of settings called Dirty Tweaks from which you can configure in detail a large number of settings for the hardware and interface of your Android .

Perhaps the most negative part of Dirty Unicorns is that the limited number of compatible devices, something that we hope to change very soon as this is one of the best Android ROMs of 2017 .

Learn more about Dirty Unicorns .

5. Paranoid Android

paranoid android Best Android ROMs

Paranoid Android is another of the most recommended ROMs for Android.

Although traditionally Android Paranoid has always preferred to focus more on maximizing the performance of the smartphone and on the ease of use of the devices than on customizing its aesthetics, the latest version includes the Color Engine function , which allows you to customize the aesthetics of any element of the device interface.

This modified ROM for Android incorporates other exclusive functions, like the one that avoids accidental touches,blocking the touch buttons of the device while you are touching the screen to avoid to close the app or to activate the multitasking by error or the one that blocks the buttons of the device when the phone is inside your pocket or in the bag to prevent the screen from being activated when it should not.

Paranoid Android is compatible with a good number of devices among which stand out models of brands like Google , Sony , OnePlus and OPPO .

Learn more about Paranoid Android .


aokp rom Best Android ROMs

The  Android Open Kang Project or AOKP ROM is one of the lightest and most reliable ROMs for Android and therefore should not be missed in our selection of the Best Android ROMs of 2017 .

The curious name of this app causes some confusion among the most inexperienced users twith the official development project of Android AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ) and emerged as an internal joke among the members of the development team of this ROM, Team Kang , which is precisely based on AOSP to add its own functions and personalization.

The long project trajectory has facilitated support for a long list of Android devices, including  Google , Samsung ,  Sony , Huawei , HTC , Motorola , ZTE , Lenovo , Asus , Bq , Xiaomi and LG .

If your smartphone is in the list of supported devices, AOKP would undoubtedly be a very good choice to update your mobile operating system to Android 7.1.2 when the manufacturer has already stopped giving official support.

AOKP stands out for its incredible customization capabilities for your Android phone, since it allows you to configure up to the smallest detail of your smartphone from a single menu. These settings range from changing the operating frequency of the processor to creating custom vibration patterns for each type of notification, or creating your own on-screen sliders to quickly change any parameters you can think of.

More information on AOKP ROM .

3. SlimRoms

slimroms Best Android ROMs

SlimRoms has returned to the field with renewed energies and based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat.

As its name indicates, SlimRoms is a personalized ROM whose main objective is to be as light as possible. Something that is ideal for smartphones with little power or for older devices, showing a very fluid performance in this type of devices.

We find some really interesting functions like Shake Events , which allows you to launch apps or block the screen of the phone with just shake of the device.

It also highlights its SlimPIE apps launcher , which was once included in CyanogenMod ROMs , but which has incorporated the SlimRoms style.

SlimRoms is available for a number of Android devices like HTC, Asus, Google, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung or Xiaomi.

Learn more about SlimRoms .


miui- Best Android ROMs

MIUI is one of the best ROMs, even though it does not belongs to the category of Custom ROMs for Android , included as factory firmware for xiaomi device by xiaomi. That’s why we could not miss it in our selection of the Best Android ROMs of 2017 .

This ROM is created for Xiaomi devices and is nearly closer to the experience on an iOS device, but with the versatility and customization capability that only Android allows.

As in the design of the Xiaomi devices, MIUI stands out for having a clean and minimalist design.

Among its main features we find a theme store of its own in which you will find thousands of different designs to give a personal touch to the Android interface.

Another feature is Dual apps with which you can use the same application with two different profiles, which will be especially interesting for using two WhatsApp accounts from the same device.

Another great advantage of MIUI is that it is not only compatible with Xiaomi devices, but you can install this custom ROM on a variety of smartphones from different manufacturers. Check your device name to see if MIUI is compatible with your Android .

More information on MIUI .

1. Best Android ROMs : Lineage OS

lineage os - Best Android ROMs

Unfortunately, after many years of development and being the most widely used Android ROM with more than 10 million users, CyanogenMod firmly closed its project in late 2016. From that end of a cycle in Android history, Lineage OS is born which gathers the witness of all the work done for years by CyanogenMod to continue with the legacy of this personalized ROM.

At the moment, they have been able to carry to Lineage OS the previous ROMs of CyanogenMod becoming the ROM created with greater number of supported devices .

The specific functions of this ROM are very similar to those found in CyanogenMod, except for two basic features that have remained along the way. Unlike what happened in CyanogenMod, Lineage OS does not come with built-in root, so if you want to root your Android you will have to do it separately. On the other hand, the CyanogenMod theme manager has not been included.

If you have already used a CyanogenMod ROM you will not find a big difference with LineageOS as it offers the same fluidity of use, pure Android and periodic updates to keep your Android updated .

The latest stable version is Lineage OS 14.1 using Android 7.1 Nougat, but you can now download the ROMs based on Android 8.0 Oreo named Lineage OS 15.

If you want to start experimenting with ROMs created for your Android phone , Lineage OS is one of the first ones you should try. The experience will hook you! Lineage OS, despite having a single year of life, has already become one of the best Android ROMs of 2017.

More information about Lineage OS .


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