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According to new rumors emerged today all iPhone products since 2018 using the most modern OLED display

In recent months a report emanating from the Apple supply chain indicated that by 2019 all the Apple smartphone would use an OLED display . According to those rumors Apple would deliver 60 million smartphones with organic LED display in 2017, approximately 120 million in 2018 and 2019 would pass smartphones based only on OLED display. That date, however, could be brought forward, and the move to OLED for all new models released is now planned for next year: “All new iPhone launched in the second half of 2018” will use OLED display, reads on Nikkei .

According to Apple Japanese source it would also be tempted to launch three new iPhone models next year , and all will use the latest generation panels. This would represent a change of direction for the company, given that for 2017 we expect a single model with OLED displays , “iPhone 8”, and two upgrades of existing devices with LCD IPS display, as usual. The rumors on iPhone 9 began as early as the month of May, well over a year after the product launch. Then in 2019 it was thought that Apple would introduce two devices: one from 5.28 inches, 6.46 inches from each other, with flexible printed circuit boards.

In the last of the Nikkei report it says instead that Apple has already started the design of the iPhone that will arrive in 2018 , but plans may change over the next few months depending on the availability of components and obstacles encountered during production. The plan to switch to a production “whole OLED” already in 2018 , however, involves some problems, especially considering that the only reliable manufacturer and already consolidated on this type of panels is Samsung. We know that Apple is already looking to diversify as much as possible its supplies of OLED panels, investing LG plant which will start churning out the display from 2019.

In 2017 Samsung is the only manufacturer of OLED panels for iPhone 8 , according to current rumors, however the sources of Nikkei have not been able to specify whether Apple will change this strategy as early as next year. In 2018 LG may not be up to answer the question of Apple in terms of volume, and Samsung could be very easily the main supplier of panels for the rival company. The companies have refused to comment on these rumors, but Apple historically has favored an approach with at least two suppliers for its major components, including the display of the iPhone.

JDI and Sharp will continue to produce the LCD for iPhone to be launched this year and will probably be sold officially until the end of 2019. The demand for models with LCD display, however, could flex in a very obvious way with the arrival of OLED , and it is this fear of the actual providers of the iPhone that have not yet extensive know-how in the new organic LED technology. Sharp also stated that “it is not likely” to occur conditions told by new rumor Nikkei , and that Apple may not be able to present only iPhone with OLED display as early as next year.

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