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For some time now willing to scan the documents using a smartphone. Until now, I used the many solutions available in the Play Store, but it CamScanner turned out to be the best. However, Adobe has decided to release its own competitive program that has one, but a huge advantage over the previously mentioned CamScannerem.

The smartphone is a tool with almost infinite possibilities that are limited only by human imagination. Most of you probably admit I was right, it also excels as a portable scanner. No matter whether the documents are printed or written by hand – always fulfill its role. For convenient scanning them need a dedicated application. In the Play Store you will find many solutions, but few are worthy of attention. I noticed also released Adobe and Adobe Scan . We’ll look at it a little closer.

Even after installing the application, slightly surprised. Rewards can not be completed until you log in to your Adobe account . If we have not, however, the program forces us to register for the service. Of course, it has its advantages – our documents are constantly synchronize in the cloud, so even when you clear data on the phone will have access to them. I decided to set up the account to find out what Adobe has to offer. Already the first seconds of application satisfied me.

First of all, I really like the fact that immediately after turning on the camera starts, so we can quickly copy this content. Same application interface is very intuitive, clear and nice, and the key elements have been properly exposed . Almost immediately after taking our scan is ready to be saved in the format .pdf (unless we re-frame the photograph). The very process of converting images in the scan is very fast, which greatly facilitates the rapid copying of documents.



In the introduction I mentioned that Adobe Scan has one big advantage over the competitive solution. Namely, it is the lack of a watermark . In CamScanner each time you save the document – if you use the free account – in the lower right corner of the scan is placed inscription S canned by CamScanner , which is somewhat destroys the aesthetics of the document.


Adobe does not tolerate Scan paper folds. If the card is not perfectly equal, then the scan will notice the shadows that simply badly affect the appearance of the document . This shortcoming could be improved with some simple equalizer, in which we can change the brightness, contrast and color saturation of the document. Unfortunately, takowego in Adobe will not find.

Another drawback is the lack of save files in .jpg or .png . Scans can be saved only as a .pdf , which limits us somewhat. We can thus easily share documents through our Messenger or MMS. Sure you say,  take a picture – but it’s not the same.

If you are curious Adobe Scan, I invite you to the Play Store , because that is where you will find it. The application weighs less than 50MB. Give it necessarily know in the comments if you also scan the documents using a smartphone. And if so, with what application you are using.

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