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Best Youtube alternatives to watch videos online for free



“Best Youtube alternatives to watch online videos for free”-When we are online we do things without thinking. Do you want information? Before you think about it, you’ve already opened Google. Do you like watching some funny video or the last trailers of the bahubali? In tenths of seconds, your fingers are already touching the icon of the YouTube app.

But like there are more search engines besides Google, there are also many alternatives to YouTube . And some of them have nothing to send in terms of functions, image quality or variety of videos. On the contrary, they even look better …

We have created the list of best alternatives to YouTube to find free movies , funny videos, influencers, video game gameplay, DIY, web series , and other high quality content.

It is not about retiring to YouTube, but about enjoying platforms that allow you to watch videos for free and online .

7. Vidme

Best Youtube alternatives

The immense success of YouTube has led innumerable companies to try to repeat it.

Only some privileged Dailymotion or Vimeo have become true alternatives to YouTube . But still, many new platforms are still trying.

One of the most talked this year is Vidme . It follows the same steps as YouTube in terms of content type (viral videos, influencers, entertainment, fun, etc.), but it tries to attract uploaders  with monetization systems.

In Vidme you can use the search engine or browse the typical categories: comedy, lifestyle, music, cinema, politics, etc. But its most original contribution is the Explore section . It is an aggregator that brings together the channels you follow along with community news, random videos, latest uploads, recommended authors, etc.

When you earn money with your uploaded videos, you charge 70% of the advertising. If the videos are inserted in a web or blog they also earn money. You can charge a monthly fee to your followers, and even upload videos only to those who pay for this subscription. And if you have videos on YouTube, you can bring them to Vidme simply by copying and pasting a link.

6. Dailymotion

Best Youtube alternatives

Few people know that  Dailymotion  had been running for a month when YouTube was released. Since then it has become the main alternative to YouTube , both in popularity (it has more than 300 million users and each month they reproduce 3,500 million videos) and in functions, very similar to the Google service.

DailyMotion offers millions of videos organized by categories: Music, video games, sports, news, humor , etc. Although the service is open to everyone, the quality of content is higher than YouTube, there is not so much junk . Dailymotion prioritizes content with substance in searches, and they are also tougher in filtering copyrighted material. However, censorship seems to be smoother than on YouTube.

The streaming quality is quite good, supporting resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD . And they offer numerous possibilities of integration in a web page.

Free accounts are open to everyone, and you can upload videos up to 4GB and 60 minutes in length, with unlimited bandwidth. It is also possible to receive money from advertising. Ads often appear at the beginning or end of the video, not as annoying and intrusive as YouTube.

By content and possibilities, Dailymotion  is one of the best  platforms to watch free videos on the Internet.


Best Youtube alternatives

VEVO is the YouTube of music videos. A platform created by Sony Music,  Universal Music and Google  to viralize the music videos of its main artists. There are the most important musical companies in the world, with exclusive agreements signed with singers such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Eminem , etc., whose videos you will only find on VEVO , or the channel of the same name on YouTube.

If you are passionate about commercial music you should go to the original source. At VEVO you will find hundreds of music videos, live performances and exclusive videos of the best selling singers and music groups. Including that song that is already the most reproduced in the history of YouTube …

VEVO stands out for the excellent image quality of video clips. It has interesting options, such as Watch Party, which allows you to create playlists or playlists with several video clips, and watch them at the same time with your friends. In addition the videos are very easy to share through email, links, or social networks.

In VEVO you can not upload your own videos, but it is one of the best alternatives to YouTube when it comes to finding official music videos . It even recommends music similar to the one you like, and you can find new groups through the channels of musical genres.

4. Vimeo

Best Youtube alternatives

Active since 2004, Vimeo has managed to find its own way away from YouTube. From the beginning it focused on the creation of original material without commercial content . It does not allow ads, video gameplay, or any other content that is not based on the original creation. In return, it has no commercials.

Vimeo gained a reputation due to its selected content and excellent image quality. It now accepts videos with 4K Ultra HD resolution . For years it has been the preferred platform of artists, musicians, entertainers, filmmakers specializing in film shorts , and other creative initiatives. For example, this is the video for A Single Life, a short Oscar nominee who has won more than 50 awards:

When searching for videos, there are many interesting categories, such as music videos, animation, independent films, comedy, documentaries , and much more. There is a lot of free content but also movies and pay-TV series, such as the popular BBC Sherlock .

Anyone can upload videos to Vimeo, although free accounts only allows you to upload 500 MB of video per month and 25 GB per year . If you upload videos at 1080p or 4K, you will run out of space right away. You can get more with Plus, Pro or Business services, which add more space, statistics, and even the option to sell or rent the videos you create.

Vimeo  is highly recommended if you are looking for online videos of professional or amateur creators, with substantial content, very good image quality, and without advertising. Of course, no commercial content or typical YouTube videos. It’s a relief …

3. Twitch

Best Youtube alternatives

Although not a direct competitor of YouTube, as it focuses mainly on streaming, Twitch also stores videos so it is a platform to consider, especially if you like video games . It is practically its own content: videos of gameplays, speedruns, eSports, and everything that has to do with the gaming culture .

Here you will find some of the most famous eSports personalities, who on their channel explain tricks to play the most popular multiplayer games, such as Overwatch , PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , League of Legends , and many others.

Twitch also broadcasts many eSports tournaments exclusively , so it’s a must-see if you like these new sports.

The player has an integrated chat so that viewers can comment live. You can search by games or by communities that bring players who enjoy certain types of games, from the ones of fight to those that transmit positive feelings, or that allow to design levels.

It is possible to make money through advertising, donations, monthly subscriptions, and even if users buy games from the links on your channel.

If you have an Amazon Prime account , you get a free Twitch Prime account  , which eliminates advertising and gives full games and add-ons every month.

2. Internet Archive Movies

Best Youtube alternatives

Internet Archive is a non-profit website dedicated to preserving the ephemeral content of the Internet. Thousands of websites are born and die every day, and much of its content is lost forever.

Internet Archive is dedicated to archiving webs that no longer exist, but also music, images, documents and, of course, videos. In its Movies section you will find almost four million videos that include more than 22,000 complete classic movies, 14,000 retro video games, 4,000 speedruns, over 1 million commercials and fragments of television programs, documentaries, shorts, silent films, and other much content that is virtually impossible to find on other websites.

As the material is in the public domain or has been provided by its authors, practically all videos can be downloaded. They also contain no advertising.

In Internet Archive Movies  you can also upload your own videos, but it is a service designed to preserve material that is not found on other Internet platforms, not to get visitors and earn money…

1. And also …

Best Youtube alternatives

There are many other alternatives to YouTube  with thousands of free and online videos worth browsing . They do not have so many videos or accumulate millions of visits, but they serve to have an entertaining time.

Most specialize in certain subjects ( viral videos, humor, leisure, movies ), so they are a good place to find specific material without having to look for it.

Its functionality will be similar to YouTube, with a general search engine and a list of channels or topics to find by categories.

Sure you find something you like …


Short and fun videos to take a break.



Collect videos and movies from other platforms.

Free streaming platform provided by IBM. It’s the one used by NASA to relay live videos.


Another classic service that has been active since 2004.

RTVE Documentary

Thousands of documentaries on Spanish public television.


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