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Guide: Speed ​​Android smartphones in 5 steps!



speed android

Unlike the iOS world, that Android is hugely varied and the nature of the same and because it allows it to be modified very low level: this means that manufacturers partners can edit, customize it and shape it according to their needs.

There are a thousand reasons why one Android smartphone performs the slower action of another and vice versa.

Well, You can find sometimes a fortuitous event – find two smartphones that always perform the same operations in a period of time identical to the thousandth of a second: even among the same smartphone, even the same software, and the same model, the time may differ and in fact differs.

Of course, we are talking about trifles but to highlight the point that there really are so many variables to determine. if a smartphone installed with Android is considered slow in carrying out the operations.

Then when we put in the middle of even the apps downloaded from the Play Store variables increase in the sense that when we use one of these – whatever it is – we go from “certified software” producer and head to enforce our smartphone to code to third-party companies.

If you realized that your terminal does not perform commands quickly, you have to start thinking about how you might have better performance; and for this, we have more responsive to the actions that we impart Tap on the display, the possibility of being able to start App with more speed … In order to bring to a minimum – for your smartphone – the expected time between one action and another.

Now it’s time to make some distinctions about what we want to say.

speed android

There are Smartphone and Smartphones and list them all would be unthinkable and impossible, so we might as well say that you have the different user experiences depending on market segments (bands and we do not refer to the price but to the performance of the device ):

High-end: It ‘s really rare to find a smartphone of this belt to slow dramatically in his actions during use over time. The top of the line terminals are the highlight of the companies that produce them, ergo, they are the business cards of the same and they are the ones to have the majority of the media spotlight side.

So producers always put attention in cure them and support them, but we also remember that they have a  hardware top at the time of commercialization, therefore the power – to have a great experience and enjoyable – certainly not lacking;

Medium range: also in this range, the performance of Android devices are very stabilized and the bar of the ‘ user experience has risen considerably. Although we can not put them directly in comparison with high-end, we are aware that the performance can be very close and even, in rare cases and in the presence of a medium but conscious user, be optimized so well that you can compare with the top of range;

Low range: this is where you have to do some ‘attention. Low range is by no means synonymous with the low and frustrating user experience. Again, the performance is more or less to rank but we meet at a standstill with little chance of resolution: the hardware. Although this has been improved over the years, if the terminal belongs to the low-end and relatively cheap, something will have to give up though. But it is logical that we should not expect a flash mode between applications and the system menu! Simply because the speed is not their strong point, but even here there are exceptions that still count with difficulty.

Now, after the theory lesson, we go to practice. We told you about the 5 steps to speed Android and those who go there to explain do just that. We decided to sort them by difficulty, so the simpler who help to significantly increase the speed to more difficult to change the tables really going to make you doubt still have your smartphone in your hands!

1. Reset the device.

We did not invent the hot water, we know! And besides this advice, it could be bestowed until a few years ago the majority of people with terminals that had no adequate support from the manufacturer.

But technology evolves, Android evolves and quality standards have moved – fortunately for us – upwards. Obviously, there are exceptions!

But the phrase is always the same: in front of an endless Android, smartphone audience may not know that the terminal has the user who is reading this guide, let alone know the version you are using.

And, in case you have a smartphone dated and/or with a low optimized by the manufacturer of belonging, it would be appropriate to inform the user experience could become frustrating after a while: install/remove applications, archive messages, log number that ‘ OS saves in hidden system folders, etc. By restoring things can return to the first use of the smartphone but, for lack of updates, it is only a palliative: ergo, we then end up having to make another recovery to regain a minimum speed.

speed android

So if you have a terminal in question, know that the operation easier and faster to do is restore: as the name implies, it will erase all your data and then, before you do so, remember to save the contents of your choice in Micro SD or on your PC!

Follow these steps to do so:

  • Tap the settings menu;
  • Tap Backup and Restore;
  • Tap on Factory data reset.

Here you will find the signs that will tell you that you will lose all data and even accounts which will lose access (but just then the next installation, fill in the form with your user data in order to log in again). When you’re ready to press Restore the device and the next time you will find it as when you are out of the box and turned on for the first time.

2. Decrease the transition time or reset it.

When wandering around between the various’ system menu, open or close applications, or even when we press the function keys (back, home and multitasking) passes a precise amount of time. In this time, the system allows us to see and appreciate an animation called transition animation. They remain remarkably little less than a second and basically serves to prevent us from seeing the “clean break” with the next step.

Well, all applications – they are third parties but also the system – use this transition regulated by Android to give a semblance of continuity to our user experience. The point is that while some applications synchronize these animations in their launch, other first expect it to be done and then start up!

All this to tell you that when you reduce the time of transition, making them faster – or off – you will notice a significant increase in the speed of your operations. Try it yourself with these steps:

speed android

  • Go to the settings menu (usually the gear icon);
  • Go in search of the device information (usually one of the last items in the menu) and access them;
  • When you find the written version Build capped 7 times;
  • A notice will appear in the form of pop-ups and will tell you that you are now developers;
  • Walk back in the settings;
  • Now appears a new string that will be called Developer Options, enter it;
  • Look for the three items that interest us: window animation scale, scale transition animation and scale animator duration (usually all three are positioned one after the other, by scrolling to the end the list).
  • Here generally the value is 1.5% (but companies sometimes change it as they see fit), bring to a minimum ( 0.5% or 0.25% if you see him) to all three values;
  • Finally, reboot the device.

To your eyes, after rebooting, the entire UI will seem more responsive and fast to execute your commands! Simply the animation time will be decreased and accelerated! Of course, for a single operation will not be the ultimate solution but think at work or even at school having to do 10 in a row operations: I take a picture, I open Messenger to send a message, I close and then open the gallery, etc … in the end everything will be much more immediate, sacrificing the accompaniment with a transition and thus decreasing its durability.

3. Change the Launcher System.

Each is equipped with a Smartphone Android Launcher: some require more resources becoming heavy and others less, some are equipped with Drawer and others do not, some allow a deep customization and others do not.

But the thing that interests us is that the Launcher is always active from the moment you turn on your phone until you switch it off.

At Store there is a slew of alternative Launcher, we will list the three we tried the best, ordering from the one that required the most resources to the one that has required less:

speed android

  • A. Nova Launcher:

    This app packed with features to be truly free rein to our imagination regarding the customization of / and home screen! The first that comes to mind – because I used – is the ability to use a different background from the main one that goes to only cover the part of the Dock : the space where there are applications that do not change from one page to the ‘other, what we have always just a short finger.

    Remaining in the field Dock, you can increase the number and change the number of displayed Applications: This space. For our purpose, ie to increase the system fluidity , it is great with a lesser impact on the resources of many others Stock Launcher producers.

  • B. Evie Launcher:

    Evie as surely the idea of always wanting to be aesthetically different: in fact, developers are always trying to change something in the basic package in order to differentiate themselves from other similar products! On the main screen you can do everything that comes to mind: applications in every corner, folders stacked, underexposed, with an always visible top bar that works as a file search, and again Widgets also placed anywhere! With a swipe from the bottom to the top it will open the drawer and a top-down gesture will be the search for installed applications.

    Again no problem side of demand for resources, with an interface that is “moving” smoothly. We did not notice reloads, lag or delays likely to affect the experience, even with the low end of the range!

  • C. Smart Launcher Pro 3:

    Finally, Smart Launcher Pro 3 which is the one with the largest number of updates. The distinctive feature of this Launcher is to introduce a configuration process on the first start, where the product then prepares our preferences regarding App installed on your phone, multimedia, social, etc.Rispetto to Evie Launcher gestures are different: with a swipe from right to left will access the drawer instead with a swipe from left to right will be the screen that contains the Widget. It goes without saying that everything else can be positioned in the central screen! All very specific and available at a glance. You can make a minimum of customization of course, but beware that it is designed as much Launcher “restricted.”

4. Increase the RAM beyond the amount imposed by the manufacturer (difficult and serves Root).

If you were going to run a lot deeper intervention and to have tangible benefits, you can, but things get complicated! So if you do not feel, do only with the first three points of the guide!

The process that we go now to bring you back has been tested on a Galaxy S4 with Android Lollipop and on a Nexus 5 with Android Marshmallow,  both with active Root permits.

These have accomplished the procedure, but beware:  the responsibility is yours alone for any malfunctioning. I never tire of telling you that the Android world is diverse, huge and incredibly diverse. We smartphones with the same hardware and the same software architecture, so things might be different from what you’d expect. However, we go!

To go to have the broadest improvements under the point of view of rapidity,  we will use the Swap file method : a method used in an automatic way, for example in Windows PC, to go to exploit a portion of memory located in the HDD or SSD, while the operating system is aware that you reach the limit of available physical RAM and can no longer drive other processes from SoC to the volatile memory!

What happen? Using this method (which does not include Android in its architecture Stock) the OS will have another lot of extra RAM. But beware, this portion that we will create will have the read / write speed of real RAM and own!  With the latest technologies for storage, UFS side, it reduces the latency compared to a eMMC type memory, but the difference, albeit minimal, remains!

It is certain then that the UFS memory is not installed on entry terminals level … Ergo, if you have a memory with this type of technology will probably have the 3 GB of RAM up and this guide may only serve for your mere personal experience!

But completion of these absolutely mandatory sentences, we come to the practice Going there to explain how to proceed.


  • Root Permissions: here we have a little ‘search the web ( ) and then continue with our guide because there are Million thousand Android-based smartphones and many, many of them have a different procedure for how to get them;
  • Download This app from Play Store: RAM Manager Free;speed android

Once installed, open the application  RAM Manager Free and – of course – let’s allow you to make changes to the Root window that will open the first time that we will access.

With a gesture from the extreme left side to the right will open a carousel and, once displayed, press to swap files.

Now you can choose the path where to create the RAM portion of which we have spoken so far and its relative size!

We recommend a location immediately accessible without too many sub-folders: since you have activated the Root permission is fine “/ storage /” and then the size that you want to give it.

Here too, the decision is very variable: the advice that we can give you is to decide on the basis of their capacity in the UK we have on board the smartphone. In any case do not increase the space devoted to swap files over 2 GB:

If you decided to attribute to 1 GB , you write 1024 MB ; If you choose the cut of half a GB you will write 512 MB , etc …

Dates confirmed and wait for it to complete, will be completed in minutes, however, depending on the hardware you have available.

Finally, return to the previous screen and flagged up  “applies when you start”  to confirm everything and to activate the swap file at each terminal boot!

Be careful, this does not mean it will always be used. No, it will be used only when there is need, and when the control Kernel feel that there is more physical RAM available for classic storage.

Remember though that the RAM is designed to write/read/write / read – in this infinite loop – n thousand times! Your ROM, or UFS, EMC it is NO … Then use it sparingly as just described,  with an eye always on what the system is doing between RAM and swap files!

5. Install a Custom ROM (difficult and serves Root, Unlock Bootloader and Recovery Modified).

One of the really most comprehensive solutions for radically change the interface, performance and user experience is the replacement of the operating system – created by the manufacturer and developed only for that specific smartphone – with another.

The alternative operating system is created and followed by a vast community that depends on the model, from its support to provide a parallel life well-lived as the Android smartphone that we’ve got.

Not for all the world of smartphones is this: many are super hyper extra supported and others even considered: it depends on many factors and the first that come to mind are the hardware of the device, the popularity of the same, and if the manufacturer is reluctant to provide access to certain procedures!

Generally, the reasons for which you want to install a Custom ROM are:

  • We have a smartphone for more than two years (sometimes even less) that the manufacturer no longer supports. Here you can install a Custom ROM compatible and have a current version of Android, too bereft of all customizations that our device had previously;
  • You want to improve the performance of the device and most of the Custom ROM do: are not subject to trade agreements, are naked and raw based on the standard Android version with special functions created ad hoc but is at the user’s will if you activate them or less, ergo, full control.

speed android

The warning which is not all roses: being created, supported and developed by an independent developer you will have no guarantee that everything is always good.

Moreover, some alternatives ROM  may have issues with special functions: it is not difficult to find Custom ROM  in which the developer claims that the camera, rather than the WiFi rather than another component may malfunction or not work right.

And here you can do well just because the primary producer not donates our “guidance documents” in the form of driver files that are used to optimize the specific component with another operating system.

Read always, however, the description that accompanies the alternative ROM and the relative state of support and operation.

But how to install a Custom ROM and how to comply with the basic requirements written at the top in order to do?

For each terminal history is though, in some it is simpler and for others, it is a real ordeal!

If you decide to take this route here are guidelines to follow:

  • Visit at;
  • In the search field, type the name of your smartphone;
  • Press on the first result;
  • Top press on the title of your Smartphone.

Here there will be any directory operations, information and alternative ROM that you can install. Obviously, as you step inside there will be instructions, any functions not yet supported, version on which you can install the ROM proposal, comments and feedback from those who have already done so, etc!

Take care, attention: the procedure, in any case, is not easy to do, and know that the warranty on your terminal will cease to be valid.

In the latter case Happy modding!

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