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LG Q8, the new “V20”! – REVIEW



LG Q8 was a pleasant surprise “summer.” A top of the range? Not really, considering G6 and the future V30, but a device that surprises. Much. Among its strengths and weaknesses, we find below all there is to know about this smartphone and its potential.

LG this year is following a flawless way. I personally liked a lot G6, which I thought was much more substantial than many other top of the line Flagships, and I’m looking forward to trying V30, recently unveiled at IFA 2017.

Among the summer releases of the manufacturer, we could not help but try and review for you so interesting LG Q8 (LGH970 model), a device which is characterized by its soul by “former” top of the range, revised and corrected for the current market. There are prominent features, other features that could be managed and developed better but overall we are faced with a device that surprises. It comes with audio DAC that LG has not wanted to give the G6 dedicated to our market.


A design level there is a body in metal unibody, finely finished and resistant to water and dust. The monoblock with metal shell gives the device a good feeling to the touch and sight. Perhaps the only element that bothers is the dual camera module on the back, but not too protruding too extended. Without this detail, the device would be more elegant but they are opinions that depend on personal taste. We find at the back of the sensor for fingerprint recognition, which also functions as power/standby button. On the front we find the 5.2-inch display with a secondary display integrated in the upper part of the terminal, front camera and headset capsule. Laterally we find the SIM slot and microSD and volume buttons. Present the 3.5-inch audio jack on the bottom of the device, along with the USB-C connector and speaker and microphone.

lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8

The dimensions are rather small, with only 7.9 millimeters thick. The device measuring 148.9 x 71.9 mm and weighs about 146 grams resulting rather ergonomic and easy to use. I would have liked to find a more edge-to-edge display and without this black frame but the panel is satisfactory and gives us excellent visual performance.


The display, as we were saying, is 5.2 inches IPS Quantum with qHD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels). It is a pleasant panel that offers excellent visual performance for any type of use, and that makes this the perfect device for multimedia, from games to watching movies and videos. The brightness reaches 500NIT and is also excellent outdoors. The viewing angle is large and the density of 570PPI never cause eye strain. The panel can be calibrated to achieve a personalized level of color temperature and supports the blue light filter for use at night.

lg q8

But here are two display protected by Gorilla Glass 4 Glass, and now it’s up to the second display in question or the one that LG calls ” Assistant screen interactive always-on “. It is a small panel of 160 x 1040 pixels which gives us more and all the information we need, from simple to toggle time, through notifications. This display helps to reduce energy consumption and helps users to always have the most important information, even during gaming sessions or for viewing videos if you enabled the option. It ‘still can turn it off when you do not want to have any kind of distraction.

lg q8


At the software level we find a great processor, although not very recent. We speak of the SoC Snapdragon 820, CPU with 64-bit quad-core and Adreno 530 GPU, flanked by 4GB of RAM LPDDR4. Good performance of this processor, even under stress, although it is not a top chip in 2017. Too bad for energy demands. This processor is not optimized as the most recent and therefore tends to warm up a bit ‘more than necessary and consume more energy than actually serve. Nothing serious but it should be reported. The memory is 32GB UFS, of which there are about 22GB available, and is expandable via microSD up to 2TB.

lg q8

The games are well managed by the hardware and software support to the Vulkan API. Nothing to say: good fps and excellent level of detail with very little lag, and an overall great fluidity. The resolution ensures a pleasant gaming experience, regardless of the type.

As mentioned before, the device is also resistant to water and dust and is certified IP67 (maximum of 30 minutes up to a depth of one meter). This makes it easier to carry and allows users to not worry if dropped accidentally in water.


Connectivity is at the top with support for WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac dual band, Bluetooth 4.2, the USB-C standard, the Miracast, GPS, GLONASS, NFC and Slimport output 1080p at 60fps. Supported also LTE Cat 6 networks. The network performance is stable and excellent, both at sea and on call.

lg q8


The sound of LG Q8 is definitely one of its key points. Both recording and playback. Two microphones with high AOP (acoustic point of overload) allow you to record, for example, high-volume scenes of sporting events without audible distortion caused by typhus. Q8 record audio in uncompressed lossless format, to preserve the highest quality. Not only that, you can record in the format FLAC uncompressed 24bit / 192kHz, even on a track that already exists

lg q8

What is amazing, and that for marketing reasons we did not appreciate in the G6, is the Quad 32-bit DAC. Due to the unique Quad DAC, you can listen to music at a higher quality because it reduces background noise and is made an oversampling 32-bit music files. For a richer sound and full-bodied, to be enjoyed with high quality headphones or audio hi-fi systems. The headphones in the package? Leave them in the package.


We find this device on Android 7.0 Nougat customized by LG with its UX 5.0 that provides some interesting features like KnockOn, Knock Core, Capture +, screen zooming, many themes, EasyHome, ClipTray and more. The LG interface we always like much and appears to be responsive and fluid in every context, with the right options and cleaning in general. Some superfluous app pre-installed, but overall you can feel more than satisfied.

lg q8

There are no indications of Android 8 Oreo and its availability on the terminal. We know that we will see him on V30 but for this device are not yet official communication even if it is more than likely that this device will be among the candidates updated environment, as soon as will be optimized and made available by the manufacturer. We will update you clearly on this issue, always on


The camera suffers the classic problems in the dark, you can not deny it, but it’s actually performing in broad daylight or under good lighting conditions.

lg q8

Specifically there is a twin camera on the back that combines a sensor 13 megapixel with 28mm lens(78 °) and aperture F / 1.8, optical stabilizer and dual LED flash to a sensor 8 megapixel wide angle of 135 ° with an aperture F / 2.4 . Supported digital zoom up to 8x, while the optical up to 0.5x. Better stop and the optical one if you try impeccable shots. The autofocus is very good and very well track objects and subjects in motion. Available HDR and video recording UltraHD (4K). Good colors and excellent light management. The level of detail tends to be much more defined in optimal conditions and is more than sufficient to take good images. As we said before, the only flaw is in the dark or in low light conditions.

lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8 lg q8

The new Q8 then looks like a real camera “pro” due to manual mode for video from what will be the recording can adjust each parameter, and even control the gain of the microphone so you have a clean audio in any situation.

The front camera is 5 megapixel camera with wide-angle lens 120 ° and aperture F / 1.9. Good shots in bright sunlight and sufficient ones in the dark thanks to the support to the virtual flash that balances good lights and tones to ensure a good overall result.


The battery is a lithium ion 3000mAh non-removable. We could expect a bit ‘more autonomy but it is not just the fault of capacity, not too balanced in relation to the demands of the Snapdragon 820, but also the lack of software optimization and the rather slow charging. It reaches a working day on average, but no stressfully too. In contrast, consumption is very low when the device is not used much or is left on standby, as in the photo.

lg q8

Models and prices

Of this smartphone is only one version and one color. Pretty much what you saw in our review. A device with 32GB of ROM, 4GB of RAM in color “Titanium”. The LG Q8 is expected to be launched in india at a price of R.S 28000 and will be available exclusively at

lg q8


The V30 will be the future revolution? Most likely V30 will be the open-track for a new type of premium devices in the LG home, a device that will raise the bar of quality and features offered to customers, as we have seen in the terminal presentation. Q8, But this is a nice compromise. Choose between this device and G6 depends on the needs and financial resources, whereas the G6 now costs much less in “street price”. I always prefer G6, just as it is, but I recognize the great value and great genuineness of this Q8, perhaps a V20 variant of the G6. That’s why “former” top of the range. I had a bit of enthusiasm in more with a slightly more capable processor, also the only Snapdragon 821. At the moment, it remains recommended G6.





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