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24 HIDDEN WHATSAPP TRICKS (2017) | APK Technical



24 HIDDEN WHATSAPP TRICK (2017)-WhatsApp has came up into the real creative platform in the last months. Emojis to images, create your own gifs, or change the font. The little everyday changes can help you to do more than you suspect. We show you the 24 most important tricks of whatsapp.

1. Whatsapp Trick- Do not let stalking: Turn Off Blue Ticks In Whatsapp!

The blue tick on a message will show that your message has been read. But You can also change the reading confirmation on whatsapp. In the settings under “Account” you will find the “Privacy”. Here is a check mark for read receipts. If you remove it, the blue ticks are turned off. WhatsApp warns you: If you remove checkmark, you will also not see if your friends have read the messages.

2. Whatsapp Trick-See When Your Friend Read Your Message On      Whatsapp

You want to know when your message has been received and read? With WhatsApp it goes:
As an Android user , you select a sent message and press it a little longer. Then a menu opens at the top of the chat window. The second point is an “i”. Select it and you will see when the message was read.
IPhone owners can also spy: Opens the chat history and wipes to the right next to the last message you sent. In the new window, you can see if the message was read.
If the reading confirmation is deactivated, the time remains empty (at the top of the screen).

3. Whatsapp Trick-Send documents On Whatsapp

This feature has long been overdue: WhatsApp can send documents. This works for example with PDF or Word files. You will find the new function in the attachments. Next to the location, photos and videos is now the icon for documents. Click on it, choose file and away with it!

4. Whatsapp Trick-Protect your profile image from other on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has mutated into a group platform. Friends, colleagues, sports partners, the kindergarten – everyone has a WhatsApp group. There are quite a few strangers in the chat rooms and they will see your profile picture with a child and dog or from the last holiday on the beach. It does not have to be. Turn off your status messages and profile pictures only for people you really know. Where? Under “Settings”, “Account”, “Privacy”. Select “Everyone”, “My Contacts” or “No” in “Profile”.

5. Whatsapp Trick-Mute groups On Whatsapp

Hectic flashing, constantly popping up a new message – but you have no nerves for it? Toggle the group. Two ways: Select the group in the overview and click on the crossed-out loudspeaker, which appears in the menu above (picture). Second option: Open the group chat and then the menu – then click on “Mute”. WhatsApp has three options: eight hours, a week or a year. Personally adjustment is not there unfortunately.

6. Whatsapp Trick-Mute individual persons On Whatsapp

Android user: Opens the contact. To do this, click on the profile image and then on Information. Then select the “Mute” option. Already you have your peace. The second variant works through the overview. Press and hold the chat button for a while, then click on the crossed-out loudspeaker to mute the chat.

IPhone users: Swipe left in the chat summary and click “More”. You can then mute the contact using the “Silent” command. Alternatively, you can open the contact information by simply clicking on the name in the WhatsApp phone book.

7.Whatsapp Trick-Chat links on the home screen

Do you still remember the speed dial keys on the old phones? The key “1” was mummy, key “2” the best friend, key “3” is reserved for the partner. WhatsApp brings you back the feature at least on Android smartphones. Just put chats on the home screen of the smartphone. Open a chat session, then the menu. Behind the menu item “More” hides the option “Add shortcut”. Already have your best friends directly on the home screen.

8.Whatsapp Trick-Broadcast: send messages personally

Birthday parties, Easter brunch, class meeting: With the WhatsApp function “Broadcast” you send messages to many people – it ends up however in the personal chat, instead of in a group. “Broadcast” is hidden in the chat menu. There you will find the point “New Broadcast”. Adds all the guests you want to invite and writes a message – just like a normal group. But: Each guest receives the invitation as a direct message. That it is a mass invitation, only you know.

9.Whatsapp Trick-Save favorite conversations by e-mail

Chats, promises, appointments, holiday memories: On WhatsApp,half life is collected. In order to have your favorite style even in ten years, save/send your chat by email. The Super feature is hidden in the settings under Chats and Calls. Click on the “Chat History” and “Send Chat via E-Mail” link. Here you choose the chat with your best friend and already all your chat thoughts are immortalized in a text file, which you can safely store on the computer. IPhone users wipe in the chat overview to the left, click “More” and choose “Export Chat” to send the story via e-mail.

10.Whatsapp Trick-Disable last seen on Whatsapp

“You were awake yesterday long, who did you write at 3 in the morning?” If you are not interested in such questions, deactivate the “Last online” display in the “Account”, “Privacy” and “Last online” settings. The disadvantage: You also no longer see when your friends were last online. The ad, if someone is currently online and writes, is preserved.

11.Whatsapp Trick-Use Whatsapp In Computer?

No more desire for autocorrection errors? If you have a computer nearby, log in to the Whatsapp web. WhatsApp Web looks like the app, only bigger, full-screen in the browser, and typing is much faster and with fewer errors. To do this, you only have to select the “WhatsApp Web” menu, scan the QR code on the web page and you will be chatting with the PC keyboard.

12.Whatsapp Trick-Favorites: Save messages On Whatsapp

Save the important news as favorite and find it again at any time. Press the message for a few seconds and then select the star that appears in the green menu bar at the top of the screen. You can find the selected messages by opening the contact info and then under “starred messages”.

13.How much data volume does WhatsApp actually use?

Video and image floods in groups can strain the data volume. In the settings under “Account”, “Network Usage”, WhatsApp shows how much data was sent and received via the app. Not per month, but since you use WhatsApp your smartphone.

14.Save data volume

Look in the “Chats and Calls” settings under “Media Auto Download”, which media is automatically downloaded when you are on the road. By clicking on the respective connection type you change the settings – at least with the Android version. IPhone users go into the settings and there to “data usage”. Here you can determine on which connection you want to download which type of media automatically.

15.Make GIFs by yourself on whatsapp

Seven seconds: This is the maximum duration for a video from which you can create your own GIF with WhatsApp. Did you drop your friend like him from the chair, the cat, how she jumps the kitchen cabinet or the dog filmed behind his cock chasing? Open the video in WhatsApp. Chooses the “Photo and Video Media Library” chat. A blue icon appears on the upper right-hand side of the screen, where you select “Video” and “GIF”. You can even write in the picture or paint – and give the sequence a bit more uniqueness.

16.Video Call On Whatsapp

After the competition of Facebook, Skype or Viber Whatsapp also offers video chats. If you want to start a call, WhatsApp asks if it should be a “voice call” or a “video call”. The advantage with WhatsApp: Your conversations are encrypted end-to-end. Hot: Making calls via WhatsApp is safer than using the normal telephone line. There is also a possible drawback: You are calling over the Internet – so a video call can consume your data volume quite quickly.


17.Bold, italic, crossed out: Format text On Whatsapp

Sometimes words have to be highlighted: With WhatsApp, this goes now. To write bold , make an asterisk before and behind the word (* bold *). An underline in the same places makes the font appear italic (_cursive_). To cross a word is the wavy “roughly” sign (crossed out). If a formatting is not sufficient, it combines * _bold and italic_ * ,writes the text as follows: bold and italic .

18.Change Font On Whatsapp

WhatsApp offers a different font. It is wider than the normal font. For this you tap three times before and three times behind the word that you want to write differently the French accent grave. (“ “ New font“`). The sign is well hidden and difficult to find. The difference to the apostrophe (‘) is very small.

Android: The accent grave (`) is on the second page of the special characters. So on “123” tab, to open the special character keyboard, go to the second page, and voilà, here it is.

IOS: Opens the special characters on the keyboard using the “123” button. Here is the apostrophe character. If this character is pressed, a selection of different stroke characters appears.

19.More Creativity: Put Emojis on photos on whatsapp

In a few seconds you can also create great memes – that is, picture with font. To do this, you select an image in whatsapp or take one. A context menu appears at the top of the screen. Crop, Reimage, Emojis, or add text using the appropriate icons.

20.Send Voice Message On Whatsapp

Phone rings, you click the caller away. But, there is a function that works similar to an answering machine. WhatsApp offers the caller after the rejected call to send a voice message afterwards. This is how the information arrives. However, this works only with rejected calls. If you hang up yourself, you have to go the classic way over the chat.

21.Big, Bigger, Giant Emojis On Whatsapp

Even stupid ideas have deserved an answer: Fortunately, Emojis make it quite easy to formulate the answer correctly. A giant shit seems appropriate. Then send the Emoji individually and without text. In the chat it appears in double size. Of course, this goes with all Emojis – unicorn, avocado or party hats – and on all Android and iOS smartphones.

22.Reply To A Particular Message In Group

The Replies in the group chat can be arranged: with the citation function. Press and hold a message and a context menu appears. Click the left arrow (Android) or “Reply” (iPhone). WhatsApp shows you the message above your answer. So it is clear to everyone which open questions you are referring to.

23.Professional tip: Activate Safety notifications

Since WhatsApp encrypts messages, there are some more security settings. For example, the security notification. It hides in Settings, Account, Security, and Security notifications.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp uses WhatsApp’s own personal code to encrypt and decrypt the messages on your smartphone. The code is unique and ensures you are the right recipient. If you activate the security notifications, WhatsApp tells you when the security key of a friend changes. This can happen if he switches the smartphone or he was offline for a while and WhatsApp tries to send the messages.

24. Read Whatsapp Messages And Your Friend Will Not         Realise It

You can read whatsapp messages on your phone without letting the sender know about it.You simply need to enable airplane mode and read the message and then again you can turn airplane mode on and BOOM! , sender will still see that you have not read his whatsapp message.







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